Suggestion for the Guide

just wanted to say the guide really helped, thank you for it.
I would suggest making a handful of adjustments or just comments in it:

  • For Two-River's Field, which the guide suggests visiting in your first expedition, you need a very high Perception for this early in the game. So either take Jaethal with Perception maxed or have a main character with bonuses to Perception. One of the other characters without extra bonuses to Perception was not sufficient to discover it at that level. (I tried about 50 times. It's very unlikely that this was simply bad luck. With Jaethal it only took 3 tries.)

  • Always keep 50 BP in reserve. (I think the guide says this in generic terms, but I think it should be more explicit.) Every time you fall into negative BP, your kingdom status worsens and some events will reduce your BP by 50. You do not want this to happen as chances to improve the status are seemingly rare. Don't make my mistake and spend almost all of Chapter 2 with a -1 to all rolls. (I only figured out my mistake the second time it happened...)

  • Some of the minor locations seem to be in different places. I don't know if they are randomized so they are somewhere else from game to game or if this is a change in a patch. This wasn't too impactful and I didn't write down the specific changes, but you might want to acknowledge it in the guide so other new players won't be confused if something is different. All the important locations are consistent though.

  • A lot of the Skill checks seem to have changed values. It's way too much work to fix them all and not really worth it either, but a note at the start of the guide that the values can diverge by a few points would be helpful. Otherwise someone might get confused and start looking for the Mobility 20 check, because they only found the Mob 18 one...

Again, thanks for the guide! Really helpful.


  • SophiaSophia Member, Administrator, Subscriber

    Thank you for your feedback @Gworn . Really appreciate it! :)

  • The First Step on the Road to Glory:
    Help Harrim:
    talk to Kaessi (she does little more than introduce herself before running off)
    If you pass a hidden Lore Knowledge world check, there is an extra option in the conversation here and an Encyclopedia word. Not much but it would be nice if these hidden checks where recorded too so we as players know where they are

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