Thoughts about this Fallout 4 guide

This is probably one of the most thorough or seemless game guides I can find for Fallout 4, doing main and side quests as well as discovering every location and piece of loot, magazines, fusion cores, overdue books, bobbleheads etc all in one go instead of breaking up the guide into main quests then side missions, then faction missions etc.

My gripes about this game guide that I wish were different,

Not a big fan of stealing, going through Diamond City and stealing everything for example, is it necessary? will it impede story progression? can I just pass w/o much consequence? could that be stated in the guide perhaps when these situations occur?

Choices matter, Mamma Murphy for example, I wish I knew before I committed that there are several outcomes that can be chosen, never giving her chems for example so she can be assigned tasks like the rest of the settlers but at the cost of experience points and help during quest encounters. Could the different choices matter options/outcomes be described up front before decision/commitment is made?

Honestly I can't find a better fallout 4 game guide anywhere, years after fallout 4's release, Kudos for making one of the best imo, cheers!


  • haeravonhaeravon Member, Subscriber

    Glad you liked the guide. Had a lot of freedom on that one, and when I get my way, I tend to write in an ideal chronological order.

    Stealing everything in Diamond City is absolutely NOT necessary. Don't remember that bit of the guide, but given how fast enemies and items respawn in areas, and how much faster it can be to just buy bulk components you need, you really don't have to waste any time stealing. Can't remember who wrote that part, but I'm a bit of a pack rat, so who knows?

    As for choices, the Mama Murphy thing is probably just an oversight, plain and simple. Generally the cause-and-effect of choices are discussed, so that's our bad.

  • _Harbinger_Harbinger Member
    edited January 28

    Thank you for responding, I was going to delete this discussion thinking it was too petty however I will keep it up instead because of the timely response.

    There are no changes necessary, I was in frustration at the time of writing, it's not like it took you days, weeks or even months to write the guide in the first place so long ago.

    If something bothers me, quests, decisions, choices matter, etc. It's not like I can't look up fallout wiki or something. Again, cheers on making one of the best fallout 4 walkthroughs.

  • I agree with the OP. This guide was tremendous and very helpful for both the vanilla game and DLC. However, I was wondering if a guide was going to be posted for the Nuka World DLC?

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