"A Poet Under Pressure" (SPOILER) Ask Dijkstra for help.

Hi. I would greatly appreciate the help. During "A Poet under pressure" where you have an option to ask Dijkstra for help, I get that objective failed if I don't do so. So when I went to Dijkstra for help before meeting Zoltan at the ambush camp, the option to ask him for help is not available. And yes I asked about the treasure during Menge's visit to the HQ, gave Dijkstra the key and location. I searched online for any help about this, the best I came up with is that I should complete certain quest or quests to unlock the help from Dijkstra (Now or Never) quest or maybe complete Triss's quests first. These are my thoughts, but not certain about it. Help please anyone who is sure about this.


  • haeravonhaeravon Member, Subscriber

    That particular issue should only pop up if you didn't ask Menge about the treasure, but the Novigrad section of the game is notoriously buggy and complex, with a lot of interlocking quest objectives that don't always play nice with each other. Conflicts with Now or Never should only occur if you actually started the quest by talking to Triss, in which case the issue would be that Dijkstra just isn't in his bathhouse - not sure doing Now or Never would resolve the problem you're describing.

    End of the day, if you're worried about red X marks in your journal, it's nigh impossible to complete the game without them anyways. If you're worried about the aid Dijkstra provides, don't, as it's fairly trivial - just a handful of goons to help fight some guards, which becomes irrelevant as you have to leave the area shortly thereafter anyways.

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