Feedback on guide layouts and structure

I thought I would give you my feedback on your guides and guides in general.

All of the following is my personal opinions.

When I wan't to use a guide for a game I'm looking for a complete guide I can follow from start to finish of the game and in that process, I will complete most of the game including side mission. To clarify I quote from your Witcher 3 guide:
"This is a full beginning-to-end walkthrough for The Witcher 3, written in an "ideal chronological order". It is meant to be followed step-by-step. Along the way you’ll complete every main quest and the side-quests that affect important NPCs, and hence the outcome of major storyline arcs."
These are the sort of guides I like where I can read from start follow along ingame and then get to the end having done most of the game in an optimal order.

Guides that just list all the main quests in order and then after that all the sidequests, I do not like. I wan't to have the side quest in the main guide at optimal places so I know when to complete them. An example of this is your Red Dead Redemption 2 guide which I do not like in its current state. This is just one mainquest after the next until the end of the game and after that comes all the sidequests/activities. I would prefer to being guided in the main guide with optimal points of doing sidequests/activities and then I would have most or everything done when getting to the end of the main guide.
Another example is your Zelda: Link's Awakening guide. When the game is completed by following your guide, there are still stuff to do and collectibles to get. You could have included all these collectibles in the main guide and then the player would have collected everything when finishing the game following the guide.
I do not like having to finish up stuff after the game ended, if that can be avoided.

I hope you understand what I mean and can use my feedback. You have a premium subscription option and for me to consider that, these complete step-by-step guides with everything included in the main guide is the guides I would like to see.


  • SophiaSophia Member, Administrator, Subscriber
    edited April 28

    Hi @bezeal - Thanks for your feedback.

    We tend to write most of our guides with the reccomended side quests mentioned in the main body of the walkthrough (like Witcher 3). 

    However we also like to list all the side quests in the appendix section so people can easily find them from search engines.  
    In Red Dead 2 you are right - it looks like we may not have mentioned the side quests as much as we normally do in the main body of the walkthrough - so we will have another look at this asap.

    Thanks again for your feedback and thanks for using GG!


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