Pathfinder Kingmaker 1.2 Patch now available

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Dear pathfinders,

We are happy to inform that the Beta of Version 1.2 is available for everyone.

Just to remind you:

all you need to do to participate is switch to the "betatest" branch and enter the code "Ms0SJWRhSRuo". Find detailed info and instructions over here: . Those players who took part in the Beta test for Version 1.1 will just have to switch to the "betatest" branch and update the version.
you will be able to send us your thoughts together with all the required information (a screenshot and a save file are collected automatically) by pressing F11 and clicking on the "Report bug" button attached to right edge of the screen. You could also really help us out by turning on logs (here's a how-to: Doing so enables the "Report bug" button to also send us your logs, but makes the game a bit slower, so you might want to turn logging off after taking part in the beta.

Be aware that you will have to download around 18 Gb to take part in the Beta! The reason the update is so big is that we are working on the loading time issue, so we had to repack almost all game data.

UPD: For now, the beta test is available only for Windows users. We would add Mac and Linux by the second week of January.
UPD2: The beta is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Please, be aware of the plot spoilers in the description below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

A dialogue option discussing Valerie's scar didn't disappear from her dialogue even after completing her quest. Resolution: fixed.
From now on, Irlene will take the Chest of Genuine Gemstones from the player when the player delivers it during her quest.
The dialogue with Jubilost about the "Inconsequential debates" never ended if the quest was failed. Resolution: fixed.
In the "Twice-Born Warlord" chapter, being able to save Nilak (and Dugath, if he survived so far) depended on whether the player is doing the "Flintrock Grassland" area before or after confronting Tristian at the "Abandoned Keep" area. If the players come late to the Flintrock Grassland, they find Nilak (and Dugath) already dead. We removed this dependency from the conditions to Nilak's (and Dugath's) survival to make Amiri's personal quest more consistent.
The "Help Amiri kill another mighty monster" objective could be missing after completion of the "Help Amiri kill Tuskgutter" objective in rare cases. Resolution: fixed.

The dialogue option to ask Kharne Vereel about his shady dealings during the Rushlight tournament is now locked until the player finds out about them from other characters.
Skillchecks for the "Trial of Strength" and the "Trial by Pain" illustrated events could be triggered multiple times at the "Armag's Tomb" area. Resolution: fixed.
The "Wild Energies" debuff could get stuck on characters when leaving the basement of the "House At The Edge Of Time" area using the staircase to the second floor. Resolution: fixed.
For affected saves where the party are still in the "House At The Edge Of Time" area, players have to visit the ruined basement part and leave it again to remove the debuff.
There could simultaneously exist two Tartuks at the "Ruined Warehouse" area in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
NPC banters disappeared too fast in Varnhold. Resolution: fixed.
Briar didn't disappear from the Inventory when players gave it to Nyrissa. Resolution: fixed.
The "Vordakai's Tomb" area couldn't be found before the opening the Gates to the Valley of the Dead. Resolution: fixed.
Lootable dead body was not visible at the "Wolf Lair" area. Resolution: fixed.
Provided conditions to Amiri's companion dialogue to keep it from becoming overburdened with the growing number of dialogue options.
The diplomacy checks in Darven's dialogue in the Capital were incorrect. Resolution: fixed.
Trolls and Kobolds didn't turn into dust after death at the "Troll Lair" area in the last chapter. Resolution: fixed.
Creatures were not reachable in the main hall at the "Troll Lair" area in the last chapter. Resolution: fixed.
Amiri could be paralyzed, wounded or fatigued at the start of her quest at the "Flintlock grasslands" area. Resolution: fixed.
A secret door opened mechanically but not visually in the library at the "House at the Edge of Time" area. Resolution: fixed.
Rikri Sharvan had the wrong portrait during dialogue. Resolution: fixed.
Changed the order of the traveling portals as they occur in the illustrated event in the final chapter. The four portals on top of the list will lead to areas where the Lantern King's curse is lifted.
Changed the text in the CG option in the dialogue with Hannis Drelev in Irovetti's Palace to better represent the CG alignment.
The Incorruptible Petal glaive used to be in the "Whiterose Abbey" area and is in the "Pitax Royal Palace" area now. Vice versa, the Ring of Chaos item is in the "Whiterose Abbey" area.
Added the tooltips for area pointers for houses in region villages.
Clarified a dialogue option available while discussing the search for Armag's Tomb with Linzi.
Characters could leave the map and get stuck at the final area. Resolution: fixed.
The robbed woman at the "Bridge of Gudrin River" area now points the player in the right direction if asked about where she was robbed.
Lowered some of the Diplomacy and Intimidation difficulty checks for Amiri at the "Flintrock Grasslands" area.
Fixed a bug in the first dialogue with the raven in Vordakai's Tomb.
Dugath was too lazy to take part in the barbarians' meeting on exit from the "Armag's Tomb" area. Resolution: fixed.
Invisible monsters could appear after loading the game during the battle with pirates in the Pitax Tavern. Resolution: fixed.
The arguing peasants at the capital in chapter 3 have now learned to pronounce their names properly.
Fixed a possible bug in Ivar's dialogue at the cliff. Affected players should be able to talk to Ivar once again and finish the dialogue correctly.
The camera was not controllable after introduction dialogues at the "Pine Patch" area. Resolution: fixed.
Inclement weather is no longer triggered in safe areas like the Capital Square. Characters in a safe area now ignore all slowing effects and always move at full speed.
Characters could get an incorrect amount of damage or the wrong disease during the "Kobold Trail" event. Resolution: fixed.


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    To let you all know - we are hard at work updating the guide to reflect the new changes. There's plenty to go at so if you have anything you think may be of use to include in the guide, give us a heads up here!

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