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Genshin Impact

Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns

Shane Williams

Unlock Criteria

Complete The Origin of the Lanterns.

Mora Other Rewards
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The highlight of Lantern Rite is the release of the giant Mingxiao Lantern into the sky, and this year’s Mingxiao Lantern is supposed to be a sight well worth the wait. The Plaustrite that will lift the lantern into the air is the largest in twenty years! For this special occasion, the merchants of Liyue have set up the Xiao Market to help gather the materials needed to build the lantern.


  1. Talk to Wang’ya
  2. Defeat the Ruin Hunter to obtain Vermillionite
  3. Obtain Azurite from Bloatty Floaties
  4. Go to the construction site and collect the materials
  5. Talk to the suspicious person
  6. Investigate around the stockpile
  7. Retrieve the Xiao Lantern Materials
  8. Go to the Ministry of Civil Affairs and report to the Millelith
  9. Find the Millelith / Eliminate the Hiichurls
  10. Go back to the crime scene
  11. Talk to Kaeya
  12. Talk to the informant
  13. Find the Treasure Hoarder’s Camp
  14. Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
  15. Meet the sender at the meeting spot
  16. Report back to Jiayi

Talk to Wang’ya / Defeat the Ruin Hunter

Head to Liyue and speak with Wang’ya, then go to the Statue of the Seven which is to the north of Liyue Harbor. From here, go southeast of the fast travel to find a Ruin Hunter. Defeat it by making use of the dash to avoid its attacks, then keep up your attacks whilst mixing elements to deal heavy damage.

(1 of 2) Defeat the Ruin Hunter to obtain Vermillionite

Defeat the Ruin Hunter to obtain Vermillionite (left), then dig up the roots of the Bloatty Floaties for Azurite (right)

Upon acquiring the Vermillionite, go to the Fast Travel which is located to the north of Mt. Tianheng, then walk northeast to find a blue plant. Interact with it and shoot the balls with a ranged character before digging up the roots for some Azurite.

Report back to Wang’ya / Retrieve the Xiao Lantern Materials

After you’ve collected the resources, return to Liyue and give them to Wang’ya, then walk down to the docks to find a suspicious individual. Approach the person, then when he walks off, investigate the crates on the dock before collecting the Xiao Lantern materials that Wang’ya requested.

(1 of 2) Approach the person on the docks

Approach the person on the docks (left), then investigate the crates. (right)

Now inform Wang’ya of the suspicious person whilst you give her the materials, then speak with Jiayi at the Ministry of Civil Affairs which can be found next to the Mingxing Jewelry. After the conversation has come to a close, go to the Statue of the Seven located to the north of Liyue Harbor, then walk northeast and take care of the Hilichurls.

Go back to the crime scene / Talk to the informant

Once you’ve finished speaking with Xinghuo, return to the docks in Liyue and chat with Xiao, then go to Mondstadt and talk to Kaeya about the recent discoveries. After you’re done talking, go meet the Treasure Hoarders informant who is located at Windrise and say “Wine Begets Wisdom”.

(1 of 2) Say “Wine Begets Wisdom” to the informant to get him to talk

Say “Wine Begets Wisdom” to the informant to get him to talk (left), then deal with the treasure hoarders at the camp. (right)

Next up, go to the Treasure Hoarder Camp which is located southwest of Mt. Tianheng. Speak with Bei’er and Crafty, then defeat them with Xiao’s assistance. Now go to the meeting spot which can be found southeast of Lingju Pass, then defeat the enemy after the conversation didnt to to plan. Finally, meet with Jiayi at Liyue to bring this quest to an end.

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