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God of War (PS4)
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard
First Published: 20-04-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 18-01-2020 / 11:55 GMT

God of War (PS4) Guide

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Gameplay Primer

Essential Tips

Essential Tips!

God of War has many mechanics and possibilities for you to uncover and delve into. Your journey is a long one and these essential tips should help lessen the burden.

Avoid the "Give Me God of War" difficulty for a first playthrough!
Although many of the hardcore gamers may want to dive straight into the hardest difficulty available, it’s advised to leave this one for a second playthrough. You’re expected to know the game’s mechanics inside out, it’s brutal indeed. To make it even more troublesome is the fact that you cannot change down to an easier difficulty on that save file.

Purchase Executioner’s Cleave early on!
Executioner’s Cleave is an excellent addition to your repitoire of skills. It’s one of the most damaging skills in the game provided you time it right. Perform the skill on enemies clost to death to see unique brutal death animations.

Make use of the Ranged Axe Throw!
Being able to throw your axe is an incredible tool at your disposal in combat. You can use it to trip smaller enemies, pin larger ones to the wall or even take on an enemy above your Level by keeping your distance and whittling its health down.

Look high, look low!
Make good use of the camera while exploring, there’s always something to be found. You’ll find cages hanging from ceilings that can be knocked down with the axe along with paths you can traverse below. Many of the game’s collectibles are hidden off the beaten path.

Choose a build and playstyle!
You’re given complete control on how you want your Kratos to be, do you want him to be more of a glass cannon dealing lots of damage, equip armor and enchantments boosting Strength (make sure you’re great at evading). On the flip side, if you wan’t to be able to take more of a pounding, pile on the armor increasing your Defence stat instead.

Don’t neglect Atreus’ skill upgrades!
With such a large choice of options to spend your valuable XP on, it can be tempting to ignore Atreus’ bow and focus entirely on Kratos. The upgrades increasing the strength of his arrows and the firerate are crucial early on.

Experiment with Runic Attacks and Summons!
It’s easy to ignore most Runic Attacks and Summons due to the amount of investment required to upgrade them. Some of these are incredibly useful and can alter your strategy on how you tackle certain enemies.

Change your Enchantments to fit the situation!
There are many Enchantments that you can find and craft during your time in Midgard with a ride range of effects. If you find yourself needing health a lot, equip an Enchantment with a health regen or if you want to enter Spartan Rage more often, find enchantments which boost the regen rate of that.

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