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Grand Theft Auto III
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-05-2019 / 11:53 GMT

Grand Theft Auto III Guide

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Hidden Packages

Portland Island - 1 to 33

Important: If you wish to attain a 100% completion rate then you will need to collect all 100 hidden packages (which look like floating white packets).

Note: The hidden packages will be formatted so we’ll list the area, how many packages are in that area in total (noted in between open and closed parenthsis) and then more detail on each package’s exact location.

Atlantic Quays (1)

1). By the blue crate at the end of the long, south-eastern pier.

Callahan Point (2)

2). Behind the wall of the building north of the diner.

3). Inside the Turtle Head Fishing Company, which should be entered via Triad Fish Van. It is on the south side.

Chinatown (4)

4). In the back alley of the main plaza.

5). Atop the China Building, which has an L-shaped alleyway. It’s also where you find the Flamethrower for El Burro’s "Trail by Fire".

6). From the previous Package, go back to the street and onto the sidewalk on the north side of the China Building. Go right and right again at the next four-way intersection. At the south-east corner of the next three-way intersection is the Chinatown Park; the north-east corner is our destination, Roast Peking Duck (a restaurant). Go along the alleyway north of the building.

7). Near the subway’s bathrooms. Only available after opening up Staunton Island and the subway system.

Harwood (2)

8). From your hideout, go west and across the street onto the concrete wall. Go north to the end and on top the tunnel entrance to find it.

9). In Hepburn Heights, get on the El-Train tracks from the station there. Go along the tracks northward towards the HEAD Radio building. Jump onto the roof there.

Hepburn Heights (3)

10). Northwest corner of the western Doorless Apartments.

11). In the large planter in the "park".

12). In the middle of the mini-forest near the "park".

Portland Beach (2)

13). On the ledge north of Salvatore’s mansion.

14). You know that large arch? On the continental side, on the north side, should be a grassy area. Climb to the center to find the Package.

Portland Harbor (1)

15). You know that building with the numbered garage doors? Across from is a building. (The vantage point in "Bomb Da Base: Act II".) Get to the roof via the stairs on the other side. Jump from the roof to the garage building’s overhang.

Portland Island (1)

16). South of the mainland, on a rocky isle, reachable only with a boat.

Portland View (1)

17). Use the El-Train tracks from St. Marks. Go south on the tracks to the roof of the SupaSave. Jump onto the roof and proceed to the south-west corner.

Red Light District (4)

18). Atop Luigi’s … gentleman’s club.

19). From the Luigi’s roof, go south to his neighbour’s and onto the south-western corner of the roof.

20). Atop the roof of the building across from Luigi’s place.

21). Across the street from Ammu-Nation is a glass-windowed building. Break in.

St. Mark’s (7)

22). From the wall around the AMCO gas station, jump onto the main building. You may need to utilize a vehicle to get high enough.

23). South of the AMCO gas station is another large building. Go to the end of the alley around it.

24). Inside the showroom of Capital Autos.

25). You know that long tunnel near Capital Autos and 8-Ball’s Bomb Shop? Go along it.

26). At the east side of the building ruins.

27). From the entrance of Salvatore’s mansion’s driveway, go forward and right to a grass area. Nearby is an incline; go down on the other side. Continue to the Package.

28). From the Cipriani restaurant, go south past the intersection and look to the left for a long alley. Go along it and, at the third opening in the wall, go back there for the Package.

Trenton (5)

29). Inside the walls of the Bitch 'N' Dog Food Factory, in the small path between it and the western wall.

30). Use the El-Train tracks and walk on them until you find the roof of Liberty Pharmaceuticals across the street from the Bitch 'N' Dog Foog Factory. Jump onto the roof and head behind the big sign.

31). Behind the fence next to the building across the street from Joey Leone’s garage.

32). You know where the Portland Bus Station is, where the Coaches are parked? Go along the small wall to the building next door to it and jump over its wall. Head to the mound to be able to reach the building roofs. Go to the west side of the teal-colored section to find the Package.

33). Across the street from the Old School Hall in Chinatown should be a dark-colored building. On its north side is an entry way into a grassy area. Go towards the ramp in front of you, but, before getting off, turn left and go along that small path to a clearing. Go north-east to the Package.

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