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Grand Theft Auto III
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 19-04-2019 / 11:15 GMT

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Portland Island

Tony Cipriani Missions

Mission: Taking out the Laundry

Reward: $20,000

This mission has a variety of ways you can complete. By far, the most fun (and the cheapest) way is to simply bring a Firetruck or Coach to the mission.

Once the mission starts, your radar will indicate three Triad Fish Vans that are roaming around Chinatown. Your goal is to destroy them all.

Using my Firetruck/Coach method, all you need to do is get at a high speed and ram them from the side. (The side often results in a flip, though front/back

hits result in a lot of damage, too.) You can also try some drive-bys and such.

It’s really all up to you.

Mission: The Pick-Up

Reward: $10,000

Bring some Uzi ammo to this mission. This method doesn’t require it, but you may need it as back-up.

Once you start, head into Chinatown and to the designated location in the alleyway. After the scene there, quickly run towards the van we noted earlier. As one of the six Triads here will try to use it, it is largely to our benefit to take it first.

Once you have -- and you should; it must be the first thing you do -- proceed to run over the Triads. Once all six are dead, you're mostly done.

If you DON’T make it to the van, proceed to shoot the five on-foot Triads with your Uzi. Afterwards, steal a car and chase down the Triad’s van, drive-bying it until it explodes. Run over the remaining Triad if he bails. Either way, once you’ve killed the Triads, head back to Toni’s place.

Mission: Salvatores Called A Meeting

Rewards: $15,000, Jobs from Salvatore Leone

Once you start the mission, head over to Joey’s place in Trenton. Park in the marker and you’ll pick up Joey and begin driving a Stretch. You don’t have a choice with this vehicle, and don’t want it destroyed, so no random rampages, okay?

Head over to Luigi's place in the Red Light District and honk the horn (L3) to make him come out, then head over to Toni's to pick him up. Try to face the front of the car northward.

Afterwards, some Triads start to ambush you. There’s no real special plan to do here (other than avoid death). Go forward (assuming you were facing north) and up the hill using the first right. Do not let up on the gas.

At the top, as you approach Salvatore’s mansion’s gateway, you’ll notice that there are two Triad vans blocking the entrance. Ram the gap between them to make it through. Then follow the dirt path to the mansion garage.

Missions: Triads and Tribulations

Reward: $30,000

Bring an Uzi to this mission and a hard-to-damage vehicle, or at least one that can plow its way through heavy traffic. Firetrucks are preferred.

Anyways, drive your way down into Chinatown. On the way, you’ll hear that a gang war is going on in Chinatown; you’ll be seeing some of the Mafia fighting the Triads.

Head over to Punk Noodles and use the nearby entrance to head into the plaza. Defeat the first of three Warlords here.

Next, head north-west-ish to find another Warlord to kill. Don't worry too much about getting out; just squish 'im.

As for the third, we’ll need a Triad Fish Van. So find one and head over to the diner near Callahan Point. Continue along the road south towards Atlantic Quays and you’ll see a dirt path to the right (the second one). Use it to safely go into the compound. From there; simply floor it over to the third Warlord and make a pancake out of him.

Mission: Blow Fish

Reward: $30,000

Once the mission starts, drive north into Harwood. Go over to 8-Ball’s Bomb Shop and pick up the Trashmaster. Once inside, you’ll get a timer of 2:30 (two minutes, thirty seconds) to head over to the Triad fish factory.

This factory is in the same place as the third warlord from the previous mission. To quickly and easily get there – you do NOT want to heavily damage the vehicle or it’ll explode – you should go through the tunnel nearby to reach the SupaSave store in Portland View. Go along the road towards the harbor.

Continue along this road to the intersection, then take a left and continue straight to the dirt path from earlier. Use it to go inside the factory. Once there, park between the gas tanks in the blue marker, press Circle to arm the

explosive, and get out. Get a distance away to watch the fireworks.

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