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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 25-04-2019 / 08:40 GMT

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Ambulance Paramedic

It’s time for everyone’s favorite mission…

… if favorite would apply to making you almost destroy controllers in rage.

For this, you’ll be limited strictly to an Ambulance. Press R3 to begin.

This mission consists of driving injured people to the hospital. Each person is marked on the map with a green dot. There are anywhere from one to twelve people, depending on the level (one for Level 1, two for Level 2, etc.). Stop by them to pick them up.

You can pick up three at once, so consider this. Try picking them all up rather than pick up one at a time. (Of course, if you have two on one half of the island, and four on the other, you’ll probably want to pick up the two and then the four or something.) Picking up a patient will give some time boost, and the first drop off at a hospital also boosts time.

You'll fail the mission if you run out of time, die, get jacked, or otherwise leave the Ambulance. If you kill a patient (you cruel person), you fail.

Note! Now, there is a weird bug in this game concerning the rewards based on the number of patients rescued.

There are essentially two numbers representing this – the one in the Stats screen you can see, and the one the game thinks you’ve rescued and you cannot usually see. We’ll call these X and Y, respectively. The rewards based on rescues are based on the number the game thinks you have rescued.

Number X is updated whenever you drop off a patient at the hospital; number Y is only updated when you finish a LEVEL. Perhaps an example is best.

Let’s say you go for your first ever paramedic run and, through Level 6, you do great. Both X and Y equal 21.

But, on Level 7, you drop off six patients at the hospital. As you go for the seventh one, the FBI Cars on your tail end up squishing the last one, ending the mission entirely.

Number X goes up 27, while number Y remains at 21. This is because that, despite having dropped off 27 (X) patients, you never finished the level and number Y never updated. Hence, this message would appear: "Paramedic mission ended. People saved: 21"

In essence, to get the awards accurately, you’ll need to either do the whole paramedic mission in one run through Level 12, or manually keep track. Of course, you can just keep on trucking until you manage the awards.

So, the awards…

You get money, I think. After finishing Level 12, you’ll be able to run forever without rest. Save 35 patients (number Y above) for a Health icon at your hideout. Save 70 patients (number Y above) for an Adrenaline icon at your hideout.

Also note that, once you finish Level 12, you are guaranteed to get all three rewards anyways. This is because the aforementioned number Y will HAVE to go up by 78, which exceed the highest needed count of 70.

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