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Grand Theft Auto III
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-07-2019 / 03:47 GMT

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Staunton Island

Donald Loves Missions

Mission: Liberator

Note: Bring along some Sniper Rifle ammunition from the Newport Ammu-Nation and some M-16 ammo from Phil’s place. Consider finding a Cartel Cruiser before the mission as well, as one is required for this mission.

Reward: $40,000

Once you start the mission and find a Cartel Cruiser (often around Fort Staunton), head to Aspatria. There is a gated area here down the road from the Coliseum. Before approaching the gate in the Cruiser, first exit the car.

Get right up on the gate and aim your Sniper Rifle through it and kill as many Columbians as possible, usually about four.

Then get in the Cruiser, approach the gate, and, after it opens, get out and snipe down the other two guards in the open.

Now, you’ll notice four closed garage doors nearby. Switch your current weapon to the M-16 and approach each door. Within each one is a Columbian guard; kill him. In one garage is the Old Oriental Gentleman we’re here to liberate. Once you find him, return to your Cruiser and get in with him.

Afterwards, drive back to Love Media where Donald is to finish the mission.

Mission: Waka-Gashira Wipeout

Important! You must complete this mission AFTER finishing all of Kenji Kasen’s missions. Otherwise you’ll be unable to finish Kenji’s missions and therefore no longer able to get a 100% completion rating!

Reward: $30,000

Any of you play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? If so, you’ll probably get a bit of nostalgia from the cut-scene prior to starting the mission.

After the mission begins (or before), get a Cartel Cruiser. The one from the previous mission will suffice (just repair it). Go to Fort Staunton to find others if you need them.

So, once you've got one of them, head to the multi-story car park in Newport. Go up the northern set of ramps. Once you approach the roof, you'll take note of Kenji and his guards; one of this has the powerful M-16.

After the scene, continue to the top level, face south/south-east towards the corner ramp and the gap between the Yakuza Stinger and the wall. Floor it and bypass this gap and you’ll easily run over Kenji. Afterwards, go past the next Yakuza Stinger and head towards the ramp.

After you hit the ground, floor it to leave Newport in some way. Drive into another area nearby (Belleville, Fort Staunton) and dump the car.

Mission: A Drop In The Ocean

Rewards: $10,000, Shoreside Vale opened up, Jobs from D-Ice, Job from Ray Machowski

You’ll have two minutes to get where you need to be. Drive down to the condo complex in Newport, then use a Speeder at the piers. Head to the blip on the radar and use it to follow the Dodo above you.

After the two minutes are up, the plane will proceed to drop six packages in all, one after the other. With each one, your Wanted level will increase by one all the way to five stats at max (hey, lucky this didn’t happen one mission later, huh?).

Now, return to the Newport condominium complex piers. Reclimb the stairs and hope that some kind of uninhabited vehicle is at the top of them. (For if it is inhabited, it is by the FBI, and you’ll be quickly finished.) Anyways, drive the car to the Newport Pay 'N' Spray to get rid of your Wanted level, then return to Donald’s place to finish the mission and open up Shoreside Vale.

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