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Grand Theft Auto III
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 01-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 20-07-2019 / 10:24 GMT

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Staunton Island

Ray Machowskis Missions

Mission: Silence the Sneak

Reward: $30,000

Note: Get a lengthy vehicle, such as the Coach or the Firetruck.

Once you start the mission, head to Newport and into the back alley with the Pay 'N' Spray. The target building it right here. Now, use the Firetruck/Coach to block the alley into the main street. Put the vehicle at an angle so it will face to the northeast and both the front and rear touch the walls.

Now, get out and toss the given Grenades into the window pointed out to you. Once one successfully goes in, the targets will flee in a car, straight into your Firetruck, effectively getting stuck.

Toss a Grenade over there to finish the mission. If you feel like you’ll run out of Grenades before then, buy some AK-47 ammo before starting the mission from the Newport Ammu-Nation.

Mission: Arms Shortage

Note: Bring along some AK-47 ammunition from the Newport Ammu-Nation. Body Armor is also a good idea.

Rewards: $10,000, Shotguns in stock at Phil Cassidy’s, M-16’s in stock at Phil Cassidy’s, Rocket Launchers in stock at Phil Cassidy’s and A Rhino (see end of mission walkthrough)

Once the mission begins, head over to the hospital in Rockford to steal an Ambulance. This is not required, but is helpful for free stuff. Drive around to Phil Cassidy’s place next, your destination. There, you’ll find a blue marker. Do not touch it .

Instead, bypass it on the left and turn around. Face north/northwest, then drive into it. You’ll speak with Phil shortly. Afterwards, get back in the Ambulance and drive between the Barracks OL and crates. Turn left and drive into the wall, staying near the crates.

Exit the car to note the weapon icons (Shotgun, Uzi, M-16) near Phil. You'll also note some Body Armor between the crates and the Rhino tank. More on that last one later. There are some other weapons (Molotov Cocktails, Rocket Launcher) atop the crates.

Hence, the Ambulance. Back up into the crates and jump onto the Ambulance, then to the crates, to pick up the Molotovs and Rocket Launcher. Pick up whatever else you can before the Colombians arrive. While doing so, note the building in the corner and how it has a narrow path. Block it with the Ambulance.

Once the Colombians arrive, blow up their Cartel Cruisers with the Rocket Launcher, and later on, the Ambulance to kill any coming that way. Then proceed to aid Phil with your M-16/AK-47 by shooting those coming on-foot through the gate. Once the Colombians are dead, mission complete.

But what about that Rhino tank? Well, you’ll need the Infinite Run ability (complete Ambulance mission Level 12 to get it), and room in your Staunton garage.

You’ll have run behind it and push it to the safe-house. There is a definite route you’ll almost NEED to push it in, or you’ll get killed. From Phil’s place, go onto the north Staunton Loop, then go west towards the Coliseum.

At the three-way intersection, go south and to the three-way at the end of the road. Continue to the south end of the road, then turn east and go uphill. You will need to "zig-zag" it up the hill. In other words, push it more on one side than the other until you hit the wall, then on the other side, and so on.

At the hilltop, turn to the right to find your hideout. Push it down the hill, then into the garage to unlock it and make it yours!!

Mission: Evidence Dash

Note: It would be a good idea to get some Police Bribes (at least two) at your hideout by doing the Vigilante mission. Additionally, bring either a Coach or Firetruck (or the Rhino) to this mission.

Anyways, our goal is to hit a Bobcat (the target on the map) and grab the evidence that falls out. You have to hit it, grab a piece, then hit it again; you cannot hit it six times. After the first time, you’ll get a 2-Star Wanted level.

To quickly extinguish this, go use the Bribes at your safehouse. You won’t get any more Wanted level stars for this mission (that are based on hitting the Bobcat). Proceed to get the six pieces of evidence and somehow destroy your vehicle, so long as it is NOT put in the water.

Note also that, if you simply hit the Bobcat with a Rhino, thereby destroying the Bobcat, you’ll instantly win.

Mission: Gone Fishing

Reward: $15,000

Note: This mission is quite simple, so long as you bring along some Rocket Launcher ammunition from Phil’s.

Begin this mission by heading to the docks at the Callahan Bridge or the ones near Asuka’s condo and getting into a Predator; which one won’t matter. Why?

After getting in, get back out and drive over to the SupaSave in the Portland View area. Go into the alley between the store and the docks, then turn right when reaching the grass. Go to the beach.

When near the water and your target, switch to the Rocket Launcher and take aim. Fire at the boat to start a cutscene. Afterwards, you’ll probably note that you didn’t really destroy it (or I didn’t at least).

The target will then start to drive around pointlessly, looping around the big ship, the rocks, and the lighthouse. He won't leave the area. Good. Fire another rocket at him to finish him.

Note, however, that if he beaches, he’ll leave the boat. You will want to kill him NOW, if ever, for he wields an AK-47 and will not hesitate to commit murder.

By the by, if you manage to kill him after he beaches, try getting in his boat for an interesting Easter Egg…

Mission: Plaster Blaster

Reward: $10,000

You are NOT to use a Rhino in this mission, whatever you may think, for it will seriously delay the completion of this mission. Rather, use a Firetruck. And, no, Rocket Launchers will not work. (Well, they do for killing the witness, but not for destroying the Ambulance.)

After the mission starts, take the Firetruck and head towards the target on the radar. Smack this Ambulance a few times to eject the witness (from the mission "Silence the Sneak"). Seeing as we have to kill him…

Well, he is fire- and bullet-proof, so we can either toss a Grenade on him, or run him over with the Firetruck. Eventually, either way, you’ll kill him and win.

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