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Grand Theft Auto V
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Author(s): Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-09-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 24-09-2020 / 14:56 GMT
Version: 1.3 (????) 24-09-2020 / 16:45 GMT

Trevor decides it’s time to finish what he started…


- Kill 10 enemies with a headshot

There are plenty of brothers here to garner this challenge. Use the sniper rifle effectively (with a suppressor) at the beginning to take out most of the visible brothers. Always aim for headshots but try not to miss too much as 80 percent accuracy requires only a few misses to hinder the accuracy challenge.


- Complete with minimal damage to health and armor

If you silently kill most of the brothers outside of the house then it makes the rest of the mission a lot easier. You can take advantage of cover inside the house for the remainder of the mission. Start with the brothers on the top balcony of the house. Kill the one on the left, then fire a shot directly through the heads of the two brothers in a line. You must kill them both at once so make sure to line up the shot perfectly or you will alert the rest of the brothers and that makes things very difficult.

Kill the brother on the left of the middle balcony, then kill the two brothers in a line at the bottom. At this point it is entirely possible you will have been spotted but stay focused on the brothers rolling the barrels. Shoot them as they emerge round the side of the building. You can get both at once if you wait for the last one to run around before firing.

After you’ve done that, switch to an accurate weapon like a pistol or the Carbine Rifle and close the distance between the remaining brothers. Pop their heads and use Trevor’s special if you are struggling. Once all the guys outside are dealt with, run quickly inside the house and take cover against the back wall to pick off the brothers waiting there. Work yourself round the house, keeping an eye on the radar for any enemies that may be hiding.

This wall or the wall behind it are the best places to stand (left). You can get both of these brothers in one shot for the challenge (right).

This wall or the wall behind it are the best places to stand (left). You can get both of these brothers in one shot for the challenge (right).

2 Birds, 1 Stone

- Kill 2 enemies with one shot

There are a few ways to complete this challenge. Kill the brothers stood in a line next to the red canister or the ones on the top balcony. Alternatively, shoot the gas canister to trigger an explosion.


- Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80 percent

You must make sure you do not miss shots and to use a highly accurate weapon. If you feel like a shot will be difficult to make, close the distance a little.

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