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Grand Theft Auto V
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Author(s): Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-09-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 18-01-2020 / 14:13 GMT

Grand Theft Auto V Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

Act 2 Gold Medals

Scouting The Port, Minisub and Cargobob

Trevor has a hair-brained scheme so you need to prepare for it.

Mission Time

- Complete within 20:00

I don’t think I need to say it again (skip the cutscenes). 20 minutes is plenty of time to finish the objectives. Some parts are a little fiddly but you have enough time to make sure you get things right so don’t panic.

Employee Of The Month

- Complete without damaging the containers

As long as you perform each objective carefully, you won’t have any trouble with this challenge. Once you get the hang of the controls and the handling of the machinery, you shouldn’t have to worry about damaging the containers. You can slightly knock them but nothing more so try to avoid any mishaps. Just take your time and be patient.

Be very careful when picking up and setting down containers (left). This is the right angle for the last shot (right).

Perfect Surveillance

- Snap all 3 photographs of the boat as instructed

To fulfill this challenge, you must take all the photographs properly when prompted. So no taking random pictures of the dock worker scratching his butt! Firstly, Ron will ask you to take a picture of the front of the freighter. As expected, all you need to do is line up your shot directed at the front of the freighter and you will have the right picture.

The second picture Ron wants is one of a guard on the ship. There are a few around so just snap the first one you see. Finally, Ron needs a “long” shot of the back of the ship. Make sure to zoom out for this one as Ron needs to see a lot of the ship. Point your shot towards the back and then send all the pictures to Ron when you’ve finished.

An Honest Days Work

- Complete without causing a disturbance at the docks

This challenge will be completed providing you do not kill or maim any dock workers or make a general nuisance of yourself. Trevor must complete his duties as instructed so as tempting as it may be to use the forklift truck to skewer a hapless worker on, try and at least pretend to be professional about it.


Trevor needs a submersible. What better way to acquire one than steal one right under the noses of some unwitting guards?

This is the place to stand in order to get a good sight on the Sub (left). Shoot the ropes the Sub is suspended by (right).

Mission Time

- Complete within 08:30

This is a nice, easy mission. There is nothing special or hard about it. Just follow the directions, read the next section for the other challenge and you’ll have that shiny gold medal in no time.

No Boarding

- Steal the submersible without boarding the boat

To get the gold medal, you cannot board the boat and steal it that way. Instead you must go around the boat, looking down the length until you have a decent line of sight of the submarine. Equip a sniper rifle with a good scope, zoom in where the sub is suspended and target the cables it is attached to.

Shoot them off and the sub will drop into the ocean, leaving you free to dive down after it.


If you chose the “Off-shore” approach, you need a cargo helicopter.

Just fly off as fast as you can when you arrive at the site.

Mission Time

- Complete within 05:30

To complete this challenge, you must barrel through it at full speed. Don’t stop to engage any enemies, just plough through them. A vehicle with good speed and armour works wonders here unless you prefer to fly into the base and hijack the chopper.

Either way, jump in the Cargobob and fly at full speed in the opposite direction from the base. The Cargobob is a speedy aircraft so should lose the chopper quickly. Fly back to the hangar at full speed and you should complete the mission with time to spare.

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