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Grand Theft Auto V
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-09-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 19:11 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 03-06-2020 / 18:33 GMT

Grand Theft Auto V Guide

2 weeks ago · Guide Information

Act 3 Gold Medals

Trash Truck, Boiler Suits, Masks and Tow Truck

We need to prepare for the next heist so let’s start here.

Mission Time

- Complete within 05:00

I would recommend Franklin for this mission because of his superior driving ability and his special. Park your car in front of the Trashmaster and throw the driver out. This triggers a two Star Wanted level so be prepared to weave in and out of traffic. Use Franklin’s special in quick bursts when it looks like you need to swerve or turn sharply.


- Deliver the Trashmaster with no damage

The truck is quite unwieldy so choose your route carefully and as mentioned above, make excellent use of Franklin’s special. The truck cannot really outrun the cops so duck down alleys or switch cars to a faster one, evade them and then return to the Trashmaster. Carefully drive back and you’ll be ok.

You will have to outrun the cops when you steal the truck (left). Buy the first boiler suits you see and get out of the store (right).

In The Dust

- Reach top speed in the Trashmaster

Be careful with this challenge as it is easy to crash at top speed. Pick a nice long stretch and with a fair amount of space to really put your foot down. Franklin’s special can give it that extra boost as well.

Boiler Suits

Let’s play dress-up, GTA style.

Quick Shopper

- Purchase all outfits in 00:30

The timer starts when you enter the shop so go straight to the objective. Don’t dally too much, just make your purchases and get out.

United Colors

- Purchase a different color for each character

You get the option to pick outfits for each character so the easiest method is to choose the top three colours. This speeds things up and you’ll easily get the gold medal.


More dress-up. Yay!

Face Time

- Purchase all masks within 00:20

Walk into shops, purchase masks quickly, leave. Simples.


- Purchase a white hockey mask for each character

Purchase a white hockey mask for them all. I don’t think I needed to explain that really. Oh well.

Buy the white hockey mask for everyone to complete the challenge (left). You can knock out the mechanic with stealth as he works on the truck (right).

Tow Truck

The final preparation for the heist.

Mission Time

- Complete within 03:00

Use Franklin again for this. Take out the mechanic fixing the car with a stealth attack as he will alert the cops if you don’t. You can freely take the tow truck and drive it away.

Not A Scratch

- Deliver the Tow Truck with no damage

As always, use Franklin’s ability to avoid any mishaps on your way.


- Reach top speed in the Tow Truck

Drive like a maniac (or a careful maniac at least).

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