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Horizon: Zero Dawn
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 16-02-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:54 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 18-08-2019 / 07:53 GMT

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide

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Seeking Mothers Crown

Shortage of Supplies

Sonas Request

Return to Mother’s Crown (a Fast Travel Pack will save you a great deal of time here!) and note that there’s a new quest for you to take on, as well as an old quest which now deserves some attention. First things first, though, head to the north gate to find both Sona and Lut, and give preferential treatment to the former, for no better reason than the fact that she doesn’t require you to tread new ground.

Talk to her and she will be business as usual, worrying about the future and the defenses of Nora land. Guess it kind of is her job, isn’t it? First she’ll ask you for some Chillwater and some a Lancehorn Lens, which you may already have obtained plenty of if you indulged in some robot extermination while exploring the mountains in the north. Lancehorns, of course, drop both, but you can get the Chillwater from other sources; Freeze Bellowbacks, Glinthawks, Ravagers… or you can just buy it from most merchants for twelve Metal Shards per Chillwater.

If you have enough items Aloy will automatically offer them up, if not, go pick on some Lancehorns in the mountains to the north… or pick on the herd of Lancehorns southwest of Mother’s Crown. When this objective has been met Sona will next ask you to deliver some signal arrows to Orn, a sentinel stationed to the south.

Sona will ask you to perform various menial tasks (left) including delivering some arrows to a young border sentinel (right).

Seeker to Sentinel

Exit Mother’s Crown via the southern gate and once outside immediately turn west, ignoring the bridge to the south and instead passing through another gate to the west, instead. At a fork, continue west, then follow the road when it turns south, noting the Lancehorn Site to the west. Another perfectly find source of Lancehorn Lenses and Chillwater, but be wary, as these machines are protected by a Sawtooth.

Keep following the road south, shortly crossing a bridge, after which you should ignore the two forks to the southwest and west, which lead to Jun’s isolated mountain cabin. A short distance beyond the southern of these two forks, just north of a Campfire, you’ll want to veer off the road to the southwest to find the cliffs upon which Orn’s watch tower is built. Head around to the eastern end of these rocks to find those lovely yellow "climb here!" devices and indulge them by ascending to the watch tower, which Orn seems to be using incorrectly, as he’s busy hanging out under the watch tower. Oh well, if Teb can be a guard, he can be a Sentinel, which seems more or less like the same thing. Talk to Orn to hand off the Supply Arrow Package, then rappel down to lower ground, and use a nearby zipline to finish your descent.

Return to Mother’s Crown to find that Sona is no longer standing near the northern gate. Damn troublesome Warchief! Search the cliff west of the north gate to find a ladder you can climb to reach numerous other hand-holds, with which you can scale the cliff. Do so to find Sona standing at (or rather, under - these Nora are just not tactically-minded) a watch tower. Talk to her to end the quest, then further reward yourself by looting the Supply Crate and grabbing the Raccoon Skin and the Resist Freeze Potion nearby.

Objective Rewards
For helping Sona with Nora defenses 1,670 XP / +1 Generous Reward Box

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