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I Am Setsuna
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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 30-08-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:28 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 22-07-2019 / 21:15 GMT

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Trophy Guide

Trophy Guide (1)

A Tale from a Land of Snow

This is the platinum trophy for I Am Setsuna and requires you to get every other trophy in the game. Overall, it is a fairly easy game and you’ll get the majority of the trophies just from progressing in the main game. Once you finish the game, you will be able to freely explore the world and clean up any other trophies you are missing. Luckily, there are no trophies for completing the Snow Chronicles Compendium, other than encountering all of the enemies in three categories. There is really only one grinding trophy in the game, which is to have fluxation occur 200 times. This platinum should take around 50-60 hours or so.

Trophy Description
A New Direction Met Hapsper
An Uninvited Guest Met Raishin
Those Who Take Up the Sword Met Freyja
The Soaring Shipwright Met Akash
A Stern Leader Met Hydor
Hidden Agenda Met Cornelius
Forgotten by Time Met Sayagi
Keeper of Legend Met Rhydderch
A Thousand Winters Met Eutess
From Beyond Oblivion Met the youth

Realm of Sealed Hope/Courage/Love

The following trophies are all gotten whenever you step foot in certain places in the game’s world, the ruins. They are very large towers and you will come across the first one, the Apparth Ruins, after you exit the Twallusk Mountain during The Village of Knights chapter of the main story. The other two ruins, Moolbeld and Laniff Ruins, are only accessible by airship and can be found to the north and south of the Last Lands.


Ruler of the Waves

Towards the end of the main story, you will gain access to an airship, allowing you to explore the game’s world. If you return to Serendale, you will find a ship waiting for you at the end of one of the docks there, which will let you refight a stronger version of Schwarzstrom. You will get the trophy as soon as you agree to fight the boss and don’t even need to defeat it, but you can check the Schwarzstrom (2) page for details about this boss fight.


A Forbidden Land

Once you get the airship towards the end of the main story, you will want to fly to the northwest section of the map to try and find an island with a forest. Land and enter Morthshaw Woods, only to find a strange portal waiting for you. Enter the portal to reveal a strange retro town, which is the home (Easter Egg) to the developers of the game. You’ll get the trophy as soon as you enter the portal and see the town. There’s not much to do here, other than find a sword for Endir and speak to an NPC who buffs the enemies around the world to your level.


Spritnite Trophies

All of the following trophies require you to obtain a specific Spritnite, and all of those can be gotten by completing each of the characters’ sidequests. These sidequests become available after defeating the Time Judge in the final dungeon, after which, you will see a portal that leads to the beginning of the Last Lands, allowing you to explore the world before the final boss. For more information, check out the Sidequests section of the guide.


Food-Related Trophies

Not long into the game, you will start to find sparkling spots on the ground, which will give you items whenever you interact with them. These are ingredients and appear as green items when you sell things to the Magic Consortium. You don’t want to sell them, as once you have the correct ingredients, you will be able to talk to specific NPCs to have them give you a recipe. After getting the recipe, you can then give them to the Chef to be able to purchase that food item whenever you want. These food items will grant you a one-battle buff that will always give you extra EXP, increase the number of drops, and a third effect that is unique to that food. Look on the Shiny Spots Locations page for where you can get all of these ingredients.

Trophy Food Location Ingredients
Salty Gatherington Fries Gatherington Coiled Parsley, Maple Potato, Red Olive, Red Rock Salt
Sour Horse Oak Casserole Royburg Black Courgette, Blizzard Bean, Eternity Laver, Horse Oak Mushroom
Bitter Gaia's Blessing Stew Gatherington Euphoria Pumpkin, Queen Cabbage, Redtop Radish, Springy Broad Bean
Sweet Starberry Cake Nive Village Blue Sweet Sorghum, Mighty Melon, Nive Starberry, Starberry
Savory Nive Vegetable Stew Nive Harbor Arctic Cauliflower, Frosted Salt, Luminous Potato, Wheel Mushroom

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