Kingdom Come: Deliverance Strategy Guide

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    7 June 2018
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    10 July 2018
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Main Story Walkthrough

Main Story Walkthrough

Mysterious Ways

Now that you have a more promising lead in the investigation about the attack on Neuhof, it is time to pursue it. Go to Uzhitz and seek out the limping bandit mentioned by Ginger. Speaking with almost any of the locals will reveal that the bandit with a limp is known as Limpy Lubosh to them. No one seems to like him, but they know where he lives. Visit his house in the south of Uzhitz.

As you approach the house you will notice that people are gathered outside. Walk toward them to initiate a cut scene.

With Limpy Lubosh dead, the promising lead has been rendered somewhat cold. You will have to speak to the villagers to find out more about who he was and how he might have been involved with the attack on Neuhof. Questioning the locals will yield some useful information; Limpy Lubosh decided to go to church shortly before he died. That leads you to the parish priest of Uzhitz.

The parish priest of Uzhitz, Father Godwin, can be found practising swordplay in the grounds outside the church.

In speaking with Father Godwin he will inform you that he is bound by confessional oath not to say anything about what Lubosh told him in confidence.
Use your strongest persuasion skill to convince Father Godwin to tell you everything.