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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 08-04-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 07-04-2020 / 13:27 GMT

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Guide

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Part 1

Secret Machine

Difficulty 1*
Availability From the start
Quest Item(s) Needed Ether Coil x 3
Gil Obtained 150
Item(s) Obtained Silver Padlock
HP +10
Strength +!

Ether Coils are dropped from Desdemona enemies frequently found in the Industrial Area as well as the Lower City. They can also be found in the Palace Gardens when you have completed up to and including chapter 2-2.

Soulful Horn

Difficulty 2*
Availability From Day 2
Quest Item(s) Needed Poisonous Sting x 10
Gil Obtained 400
Item(s) Obtained Bubbly Party Hat, Rum Raisin Ice Cream
HP +20
Magic +2

The Anubys enemy drops Poisonous Stings and you should easily amass 10 of them due to the high encounter rates. You fight some in the prologue, they replace enemies from 16:00 - 18:00 every day and you can find them inside the Patron’s Palace when you return there later in chapter 2.

A Dangerous Cocktail

Difficulty 1*
Availability From Day 3
Quest Item(s) Needed Clear Ooze x 4
Gil Obtained 200
Item(s) Obtained Caution Beacon
HP +10
Magic +1

Clear Ooze is in abundance during the early days in Yusnaan before you complete the main quest. Flanitors that appear with the Guards who attack you in the city drop this item. You should obtain as much as you can before you complete the main quest.

Time Doesnt Heal

Difficulty 2*
Availability After you defeat the Cyclops during chapter 2-1.
Quest Item(s) Needed Jade Hair Comb, Bronze Pocket Watch
Gil Obtained 800
Item(s) Obtained Sentimental Parasol, Mark of Lindzei
HP +20
Strength +2

The Bronze Pocket Watch can be found inside the Industrial Area, in the dead end to the north of the final ladder that you climb to the Cargo Station area. There will be a small shiny point of interactivity. The Jade Hair Comb is found near the gate midway along the Supply Line. You can enter the Industrial Area at will during chapter 2-2 onwards and if you accept the side quest "Death Safari" at the same time, you can take out Niblets along the way.

A Man For a Chocobo Girl

Difficulty 1*
Availability Unlocked during chapter 2-2.
Quest Item(s) Needed Chocobo Girl's Phone Number
Gil Obtained 400
Item(s) Obtained Afro and Red Chick, Afro and Blue Chick
HP +10
Magic +1

This quest is unlocked once you start collecting fireworks during the main quest though the Phone Number can be obtained before or after you accept this quest. If you examine a poster that’s down an alley in the south of the Reveler’s Quarter you will discover it. Look for rubbish bags that block the path and the poster is right nearby.

Unfired Firework

Difficulty 2*
Availability Complete chapter 2-3
Quest Item(s) Needed Unfired Firework Rockets
Gil Obtained 900
Item(s) Obtained Twilight Shades, Stormy Motors Logo
HP +20
Magic +2

After you complete chapter 2-3, make sure you have at least 3 Fireworks in your inventory. Then simply interact with any of the fireworks stands around the city a few times until you gain the item.


Difficulty 2*
Availability Complete chapter 2-3
Quest Item(s) Needed Statue Fragment x 5
Gil Obtained 500
Item(s) Obtained Bushy Mustache
HP +10
Strength +1

After you gain access to the Augur’s Quarter and the Palace Gardens, you will find small shiny objects (like the medals) scattered around the broken statue in both locations. Collect 5 of these.

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