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Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 16-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:28 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 27-05-2019 / 04:08 GMT

Limbo Guide

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Campaign Walkthrough

Chapter 23

Jump across to the hanging girder and then hop across the next two until you reach solid ground again.

As you move forward, you will walk over a button on the ground. The switch triggers a time delay release of a crate from a claw hanging from the roof in front of you. As you activate the button, hold back on the control pad to slow your walk down. Wait for the crate to drop in front. Keep behind it until you see a circular saw coming your way. When it is almost upon you, jump onto the crate and over the saw.

With the brain slug attached, continue past the lift and across the subsequent platforms (left). When you reach the far end, walk slowly over the swtich on the ground and use the crate to jump over the saw (right).

Jump up to the raised platform on the right and jump again to have the demonic growth release you from brain slug control. Wait for the saw to come back to the section just below you, then jump across and hop over to the safety of the closest suspended girder.

On this girder you will need to run back and forth between both ends to tilt the platform enough to enable you to jump across to the next girder to the left. Once you have reached the second girder, grab the third girder and pull it back as far as you can. Jump onto it, it will swing across allowing you to jump onto the platform on the left.

Run back and forth on the first beam to tilt it so that you can reach the next platform (left). Grab the handle on the third platform and then jump on to swing across the gap (right).

Continue up the ramp until you reach the elevator that we passed on our brain slug powered journey earlier.

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