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Marvel's Spider-Man
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First Published: 12-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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Marvel's Spider-Man Guide

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Becoming Spider-Man

Spider-Man's Skills

A few missions into the game, you will level up and earn a Skill Point, which can be applied to one of three different skill trees. These trees will help Spider-Man do his heroic duties with a greater ease, whether it’s increasing his combat capabilities or just quickening his traversal of the city. It is possible to get all of the skills, although you will need a total of 49 skill points to do so, which basically means leveling Spider-Man up to level 50, the maximum in the game.

Innovator Skill Tree

Web Throw1Hold Triangle to grab and throw webbed and electrified enemies. They can be tossed into other enemies or walls.
Hazard Zone1Requires Web Throw. Web Throw knocks enemies down during the wind up, clearing the immediate area.
Spin Cycle1Requires Hazard Zone. When throwing an enemy, rapidly press Triangle during the throw to continue spinning enemies.
Wrecking Ball1Requires Spin Cycle. Brute enemies can be grabbed and thrown when webbed, affecting enemies over a wide area.
Collateral Damage2Requires Wrecking Ball. Thrown objects damage all nearby enemies.
Extended Perch Takedown1Requires Web Throw. Increases Perch Takedown range.
Scare Tactics1Requires Extended Perch Takedown. Stealth Takedowns generate much more Focus.
Surprise Attack2Requires Scare Tactics. Upgrades Web Strike Takedown move so that nearby enemies are knocked back.
Pistol and Baton Yank1Requires Web Throw. Hold Triangle to yank small arms like pistols and batons right out of enemies' hands.
Rifle, Shield, and Launcher Yank2Requires Pistol and Baton Yank. Hold Triangle to yank heavy arms like rifles, launchers, and shields away from enemies.
Yank and Throw2Requires Rifle, Shield, and Launcher Yank. Hold Triangle to hurl yanked weapons back at enemies with concussive force.
Rocket Return2Requires Yank and Throw. Press L1 + R1 to throw rockets back at enemies.


Defender Skill Tree

Perfect Dodge1Press Circle just as your Spider Sense turns blue to counter enemies with a Web Shot to the face. Generates bonus Focus.
Perfect Hit1Requires Perfect Dodge. Press Square just as an attack lands to generate bonus Focus.
Combo Booster1Requires Perfect Hit. Improves focus gained at high combo counts.
Vengeance1Requires Combo Booster. When below half health, attacks generate Focus faster.
Dodge Window1Requires Perfect Dodge. Increases the timing window for Perfect Dodge and Web Shot Counter, making it easier to accomplish.
Last Stand2Requires Dodge Window. Slows time just before you take a fatal hit, giving you one last chance to dodge. Can only be used once per combat encounter.
Payback3Requires Last Stand. Press Triangle after Perfect Dodging rifle and pistol enemies for an instant takedown.
Chain Finisher3Requires Payback. Immediately perform a second Finisher on basic enemies.
Throw1Requires Perfect Dodge. Press Square, then hold Triangle to grab and throw an enemy in any direction.
Ground Strike2Requires Throw. After leaping off an enemy or from air combat press Square + X to smash the ground with explosive force.
Epicenter2Requires Ground Strike. Ground Strike has a larger blast that can knock enemies down when used from higher elevations.


Webslinger Skill Tree

Swing Kick1Hold Square while in the air to Swing Kick enemies and send them flying.
Quick Zip1Requires Swing Kick. Web Zip a second time without losing altitude.
Point Launch Boost1Requires Quick Zip. Press X on contact with point to massively boost Point Launch distance.
Long Strike1Requires Point Launch Boost. Increases damage and range of Web Strike.
Air Marshal1Requires Swing Kick. Air attacks deal additional damage and generate more Focus.
Air Yank2Requires Air Marshal. Hold Triangle while in the air to yank enemies upwards and enable air combat moves.
Bunker Buster2Requires Air Yank. Swing Kick will now knock over shield enemies.
Blast Off2Requires Bunker Buster. Air Launch attacks knock back nearby enemies. Has a short recharge time between uses.
Air Tricks1Requires Swing Kick. Hold Triangle + Circle and press Left Analog in a direction to perform aerial tricks to earn extra Focus and XP.
Quick Recovery1Requires Air Tricks. Press X during a roll after landing to launch back into the air.
Charge Jump1Requires Quick Recovery. Hold R2 + X while running or standing to build up charge, then release X for a huge leap.

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