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Marvel's Spider-Man
Strategy Guide

First Published: 12-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:15 GMT
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Marvel's Spider-Man Guide

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Main Story Walkthrough

Fisk Hideout

After repairing your suit and taking it for a little spin, you will receive another call from Yuri. Despite being put behind bars, Fisk is still active, using his construction businesses as criminal fronts, so your next task is pretty clear. The construction area you need to visit is in the Greenwich district, located north of the Financial District. When you get close enough, there will be a quick scene, as well as a text from Dr. Octavius. The text comes with an idea for a gadget, so open the menu with the Touchpad when prompted and hold the X button to craft the Impact Web.

This handy little gadget fires a powerful web blast that not only instantly webs up enemies, but it also knocks them back. You will also receive a short tutorial that tells you how to use them. Basically, the L1 button will bring up the gadget wheel, then you select the one you want to use. Once you have the correct gadget equipped, you will be able to fire it with the R1 button. Test it out real quick to see its capabilities, but note that these gadgets only have limited shots. To refill them, simply defeat enemies in combat.

Taking It Stealthy

With that knowledge, you are free to shut down this base of operations. You will have to face six waves of enemies, but at the start, you remain undetected, so it’s time to delve a little bit into stealth in this game. When enemies are unaware of your location, you have the option to quickly defeat them with stealth attacks. You will see a button prompt when you have the option to perform a stealth takedown, with Triangle performing a Web Strike and Square doing a Perch Takedown.

Enemies might take notice of you, but they might not necessarily see you. You can tell the difference, as a yellow bar will fill up above their heads, which means they are investigating or looking in your direction. If this turns red, then stealth is broken and you will need to engage in normal combat. There is nothing to prevent you from doing this the stealthy way, as it definitely helps in thinning out the numbers without putting yourself in any danger.

Breaking the Base

Back to the main objective, you will need to defeat six waves of enemies to clear this mission. Press the R3 button to locate the enemies, but also get a glimpse to two bonus objectives. You see, this whole base thing is actually one of the side activities, and will reward you with a Base Token for completing it. Finish the bonus objectives and you will be rewarded with more Base Tokens, so it’s in your best interest to do them. You have to do 10 Finishers and Web 5 enemies to walls.

Neither are particularly hard, especially with your Suit Power (Battle Focus) and newly acquired gadget, as long as you remember to concentrate on them. If you want the extra Base Tokens, then make sure you complete the bonus objectives first, then you will be free to do whatever for the rest of the enemy waves. Remember that later enemy waves will included shielded thugs, as well as some equipped with batons. Always keep a clear eye out for any with firearms and there will also be a rocket launcher in the final wave. Getting the objectives isn’t too important, but it definitely helps in the long run. Once you defeat the final goon, the mission will be over.

Shut down one of Fisk's bases2,500 XP

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