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First Published: 12-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
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Marvel's Spider-Man Guide

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Side Missions

The Network is Down

When It UnlocksReward
After completing Keeping the Peace (see below for more)1500 XP

While this side mission is said to unlock after completing [Keeping the Peace], it doesn’t truly unlock then. You will need to descramble a few more surveillance towers out in the open world before you will see the icon for this side mission appear in the Financial District, the southernmost district on the map. Once you have it, speak with the lady at the top of the building to begin. It seems someone is jamming the signal of the towers, but it isn’t known who, so your task will be to find out the location of the jammers.

Your map for the district will be disabled for this side mission and all you have to go on is the radar on the left side of the screen. The blue marker will point you in the right direction of the jammer, along with the distance between you and it. There are three jammers to disable and they’re all located on top of tall buildings. As you make your way to the first one, you should see something pulsing on top of the building. When you reach the top, you will find some of Fisk’s henchmen there, a couple of which are equipped with snipers. These should be your first priority, since it’s difficult to time the dodge of their shots.

Knocking enemies up into the air and meleeing them off the side of the building is a quick way to achieve victory. Once the coast is clear, locate the jammer and use L1 + R1 to quickly destroy it. That’s one down and two more to go. Before jumping off the building, take a quick glance to your south to spot the familiar pulse, which is the location of the next jammer. Don’t go to the top of that building just yet, but look for a white one to its west, where you’ll find two snipers perched and ready to take pot shots at you. All that’s left is to head to the jammer, clear the enemies (watch for the automatic weapons), then destroy the jammer.

The final jammer is located to the west-northwest of the previous one, once again, on a tall building. This time, you won’t find any snipers, but a few of the thugs will have batons, so be careful and don’t forget to launch them into the air. This is the easiest of the three jammers, so it shouldn’t take too long in defeating all of the enemies. Destroy the final jammer, then relish in your victory, although the mission isn’t done quite yet.

Investigate the Docks

It appears that Fisk’s men are doing something at the docks, so swing your butt over there to find a load of guns being smuggled into the city. There are some enemies here, but not too many, although they are all armed. It is possible to stealth this section, but it’s not needed, so quickly smack the enemies into the ground. Investigate the weapons cache and a lot more thugs will appear, armed with batons and shields. Remember you have to slide underneath the shielded enemies to hit them from behind and launch the melee weapon enemies into the air. Also, be on the lookout for flash grenades, as the shielded enemies will toss them out once in a while. You can use L1 + R1 to return to sender or daze other enemies. When all of the enemies are knocked out, the side mission will finally be over.

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