This side-mission can be found by entering the Normandy’s galaxy map and having the ship travel to the following location:

Eagle Nebula > Strabo > Jarrahe Station.

Scan the planet and locate the anomoly to begin the mission.

Enter the first door and pick up the PDA then **** continue around the corner and through the unlocked door to find a pair of canisters of Refined Iridium . Hit the docking area power terminal in the corner. Return to the hallway and enter the now unlocked door - continue until you reach the large square room with a containment area in the center that is locked and doors on all four sides of the room.

Enter the left-hand room first and at the end look around for two canisters of Refined Iridium and a research lab power terminal. Hit that and look on the small balcony opposite to see that four laptops have become active. See the beam on the right side of the room? Ypu need to deflect that to the back left corner using the terminals to re-position the mirrors here.

Activate the panel (left) and use the panels (right) to direct the beam into the blue cylinder at the back of the room.

Afterwards, return to the main room. Make your way to the right-hand room next; inside check the PDA on the right side of the room, before continuing through the unlocked door and into the room at the end. Grab the Med Kit here and activate the living quarters control. Doing so will lock the room and the rest of the area. You will notice that a set of three computer terminals on the left side of the room will become active. To unlock the doors, use the middle one first, then the right, then the left. If done correctly, the computers will disappear and all the doors will unlock. Enter the room across the hall to loot a few lockers , and then return to the main room.

In the main room, head through the door on the opposite side of the room from where you originally entered. You will find yourself in a long hallway filled with several steam vents which will damage you if you run through them. Make your way to the second steam fissure and look in the room to the right for a couple of lootable lockers and a PDA . Return to the steam hallway and make your way to the far end. Continue around the corner and up the ramp at the top where you will find a switch to re-activate the power. Now that the steam has been disabled, you have a nice relaxing run back to the main room again.

Make your way through the passages (left), avoiding the steam and activate the panel at the end (right).

Approach the lab in the centre of the room and use the terminal in front to reactivate its power then enter the unlocked doors and use the machine here to complete the mission.

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