Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project (Heavy Skin Weave)

This side-mission can be found by entering the Normandy’s galaxy map and having the ship travel to the following location:

Omega Nebula > Arinlarkan > MSV Strontium Mule.

Dock with the object of interest located within the system to begin the mission.

After regaining control of Shepard, move around the corner and take cover. You will need to defend yourself against 15-20 Blue Suns mercenaries as they come pouring through the door at the far end of the room. The majority of them are the standard troopers with the exception of a single Blue Suns Legionnaire and a couple of heavy troops who will shoot power weapons at you from near the door. When the area is clear of hostiles, pick up the merc Transmitter before heading through the door.

Clear out the enemies that ambush you (left) and work your way up the ramps to activate the security console (right).

Climb the various ramps until you reach the top floor. Kill the enemies here and then activate the switch up the short ramp to unlock the nearby doors. First, make your way through the door at the far end. After the short hallway, enter the next room and eliminate the enemies on the balconies trying to pick you off. Work your way to the opposite side of the room from the entry and climb up the ramp at the top. Here you can check out the merc Transmitter for some back-story and grab the box of Power Cells . Return to the previous room.

Head through either the left or right door and examine the rooms for a datalog and some Med Kits then climb the stairs to the top and kill the baddies up here if you wish. Cruise into the long hallway with the locked door at the end. When you reach it, turn right and at the end of the short corridor you can bypass a security console. This will open the locked door to the ship’s bridge nearby.

Enter the now unlocked door and take cover. Eliminate Captain Vorhess , the Commander bodyguard and the 4-5 Blue Suns Troopers. As they die, a group of FENRIS Mechs will spawn behind you and enter the room via the same door you came in from. Destroy them, and then use the console at the opposite end of the room.

Kill the bridge’s inhabitants (left), but watch out for a group of FENRIS mechs and mercenaries that spawn behind you! (right)

Return to the previous area and, as you travel down the hallway, you will be attacked by another mini-boss - Sergeant Boorit - and a few additional Troopers. Take him out from a safe distance and then follow the balcony around to the other side to where he was located and enter the door to the right. Inside, pick up the canister of Refined Iridium , hack the research docket on the wall for a new Research Project (Heavy Skin Weave) and open the Payload nearby to complete the mission.

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