Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project: Heavy Pistol Damage

After speaking with Jacob and offering to help him with his request, you will obtain the location of the side mission. Enter your galaxy map and travel to the following location:

Rosetta Nebula > Alpha Draconis > Aeia.

Scan the planet and locate the anomoly to begin the mission.

As you land, you will see a crashed ship in the distance to the left. Follow the path here and talk to the Activated VI here. Grab the Spare Parts close by and enter the ship. Check out all the logs around the room here for a bit of back-story and hack the PDA . Return to the VI and follow the path past the ship until you reach a short scene. Note you can perform a Paragon action resulting in +7 Paragon.

You will be attacked by feral humans. Fight them off. Grab the box of Spare Parts at the back of the area. Follow the path up the hill until you reach a settlement.

Fight through the groups of feral humans (left) until you reach the settlement (right).

As you arrive a quick conversation will be triggered. Following the chat, head along the right wall for a Med Kit and some Spare Parts . In the middle of the area is another PDA . Move to the far left from where you entered and fight off the LOKI Mechs that appear. When they are dead, talk to the Doctor near the exit.

When you are finished with your conversation, look for an inactive Mech on the ground near a group of crates. Hack it and set it to explode. Move through the new pathway that opens. Follow it up the hill towards a second encampment.

Take cover as you approach and eliminate the LOKI Mechs in the surrounding area. Move to the right and look for a small passage leading away from the area. Eliminate yet another group of those pesky LOKI Mechs that enter the area from this passage. Once they are are all decommissioned, head to the far right of the area and have a look around to find some Spare Parts, and be sure to scan the Heavy Pistol nearby for a Research Project (Pistol Damage).

Enter the passageway that the last group of enemies you killed entered the area from and follow the path around until you are attacked again. Take cover and eliminate the hostiles. Pick up the Power Cells ahead, and then turn right and through the wall. Kill the five or so human guards and the YMIR Mech that appears.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Ghosts of the Father

Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Operative

Trophy icon

Once the fighting comes to an end, it’s time to loot the area. Check out the platform near the exit for a canister of Element Zero and on the ground in front of the exit, you will find a PDA that can be examined for a credit reward.

When you are ready to finish up here, enter the gate ahead and move up to the manmade structure in the distance. As you arrive, you will see a solitary NPC here. Walk up and talk to this man to complete the loyalty mission.

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