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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 23-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 26-11-2018 / 06:54 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 16-01-2019 / 15:21 GMT

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Crew Member Loyalty Missions

Samara: The Ardat-yakshi

Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project: Assault Rifle Damage

After speaking with Samara on the Normandy and offering to help her with her loyalty request, you will obtain the location of the side mission. Enter your galaxy map and travel to Omega . Once you arrive, you’ll want to head over and enter Afterlife. Head back to Aria’s location and ask her about Samara’s daughter and she will tell you to go check out the nearby apartments. Look at your map and head to the apartments marker.

Enter the apartment area and when you see the mad prophet, duck down the alleyway to the right. Enter the now accessible door on the left and speak to the mother here; her daughter is the one who has been killed by your target, so investigate and ask to look in her room. Read the journal on the bed, the message on the floor and the object on the table (these will all give you important conversation options later, so be thorough). Afterwards Samara will chat with you.

After speaking with Aria (left), visit the victim's apartment and investigate (right).

WARNING: If Morinth escapes here, Samara will not become loyal to you; her special ability - Reave, her new outfit and the achievement/trophy associated with this quest will not be rewarded. So be sure to save before continuing or quickly load the last autosave if she gets away in the next section.

After the conversation with Samara, look at your map and make your way to the Afterlife VIP area. Tell the guard here that Jaruut sent you and he will unlock the door and admit you access. After another short conversation with Samara, it is time to enter the VIP room and seduce the evil Asari.

To attract Morinth you need to be the most exciting person in the bar and that means getting involved in everyone’s business. Before you do anything, go up to Vij near the entrance and talk to him about a 'sensory band' called Expel 10 for a conversation option later on. Afterwards, the bar is your oyster!

You partake in the following actions:

  • Talk to Horftin and he will ask you to go help his friend. Go over to Florit on the far side of the bar and choose the **terminal** option, then the **eternity** option.
  • **Insult Verf** - Go up to the Krogan at the bar and insult him.
  • **Dance with Waera** - dance with the Asari on the dance floor.
  • Ask the bartender for **free drinks** , or buy a round for everybody.
  • **Punch the Turian** who is trying to buy the Asari's company.

Once in the VIP area, do what you like to draw Morinth's attention (left). When in Morinth's apartment, be sure to grab the Assault Rifle Upgrade before chatting with her (right).

After doing enough of these activities you will be approached by Morinth who will invite you to a private booth to chat. If you do not say the right things to her during the conversation at this time, she will leave and you will be unable to find her again, causing you to fail the mission. If this happens, load a previous save otherwise Samara will not become loyal to Shepard.

Begin the conversation by telling her you are both alike, then use the following options to pass her conversation test:

  • Topic: Art > Elcor Forta > Vaeina
  • Topic: Music > Expel 10>
  • When she offers you drugs, reply with the Hallex option.
  • Topic: Travel > I like Danger > Power is a reward
Once you have impressed her, she will take you home. You will now have to keep her busy until Samara arrives. Examine the gun on the wall behind you and to the right for a **Research Project (Assault Rifle Damage)** .

Check out the various interactible things around the apartment to burn some time, then head down and chat with Morinth. After a short chat, Samara will come in and attack.

Note (Spoilers): During the scene, if your Renegade level is high enough you are given the option to choose to either side with Morinth (Renegade) or Samara (Paragon); unfortunately making the decision will kill the other. There is no way to avoid a death here.

Important: You must choose to help Samara in order to earn the achievement/trophy for this loyalty mission.

Once you have made your choice, the mission will be complete.

Mission Completion Reward/s:

Paragon choice: 750 XP, 30,000 Credits, New Ability for Samara: Reave, New Alternative Outfit for Samara.

Renegade choice: 750 XP, 30,000 Credits, New Character: Morinth.


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