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Author(s): Paul Williams
Editor(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 23-06-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 26-11-2018 / 06:54 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 16-01-2019 / 15:21 GMT

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Crew Member Loyalty Missions

Tali: Treason

WARNING (SPOILERS): During the final scene, you need to defend Tali. However, you must do as she asks and do not use the evidence from the Geth ship to make her loyal. If you use the evidence, Tali will not become loyal and you will miss the achievement/trophy. It is possible to avoid this problem if your Renegade/Paragon level is high enough to unlock the associated conversation options.

There will be problems with Tali and Legion once you have completed both loyalty missions. We recommend doing Tali’s and Legion’s loyalty missions once you have pretty much maxed out your Paragon/Renegade meters to maintain the loyalty statuses for both characters.

Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project: Tech Damage
Upgrade - Research Project: Geth Shield Strength

After speaking with Tali and offering to help her out with her personal issues, you will obtain the location of this side mission. Enter your galaxy map and travel to the Migrant Fleet . Once aboard and after a quick conversation, you will be free to explore. Move forward and turn through the door on the right. Following a second brief dialogue, you will find out that Shepard needs to be Tali’s lawyer in the upcoming trial! Once the conversation ends, the trial will begin.

After a few words, you learn that one of the fleet’s ships has been taken over by the Geth. Volunteer to go and reclaim it to clear Tali’s name. The court will agree and give you permission to give it a red hot go. Once the crowd has dispersed and you are in control once more, look to the right of the area for a door. Follow the passage all the way to the end and talk to the shuttle guard to start the attack on the Geth.

After a brief trial conversation (left), exit via the door nearby to find a shuttle to the next area (right).

Once aboard, move through the first door and into cover. Fight off a large number of Geth Troopers and watch out for the occasional Geth Hunter that will try to sneak up on you. Once the room is clear, look in the back right corner from the entrance to find two laptops you can acquire credits from and an audio log for a bit of back-story. Before heading into the next room, look to the right for a box of Power Cells .

Move down the hall and enter the first door to the left; examine the drone here to have a chat with Tali. Before leaving, there is a medical station in the corner and a hackable computer near the door. Exit and continue straight down the hallway and into the door at the end. Hack the terminal in this room for Research Project (Geth Shield Strength) . Exit and continue down the hallway to the right; check out the log here and then head through the door.

As you enter, a Geth Hunter will enter the room from the far end and attack. Kill him and then check out the pair of laptops along the right-hand wall for credits. Move to where the Hunter came from; play the log on the table and open the wall safe above it. Continue up the stairs and into another large room. A large contingent of Geth will emerge from the two doors along the opposite wall – prioritise killing Hunters first as they will charge at your location. Once everything is dead, check the container on the left for a canister of Refined Palladium .

Enter the left-hand door, use the console on the wall here for a quick chat with Tali, then do a quick 180 and open the wall safe behind you. Enter the next door and move up to the edge of the balcony and take cover. In the room below, the door will open and a small army of Geth will pour through. You will need to fight them off from cover. As you do, try to stay near the ramp on the right side of the area, so you can lean around the corner and pick off any Geth looking to climb up to meet you. When the room is clear go down the ramp and examine the area for a pair of laptops , a Quarian log and a med station if required. Enter the door at the end, watch the scene.

Clear the room below (left) and then check out the body in the hallway for a scene with Tali (right).

After the scene, check out the room to the left for two wall safes , a box of Power Cells and a Med Kit. When you are ready, return to the body and climb the stairs. Enter the room at the top. Grab the laptop on the left desk and the Model Flotilla Ship on the right one. Head around to either side of the area to alert the Geth in the room in front. Here you will encounter a Hunter, a pair of standard Troopers and a Geth Prime. Try to take out the lesser enemies first before focusing your efforts on the Geth Prime to finish off. Use the console at the far end of the room.

Return to the trial and following the conversation, the mission will be complete.


Mission Completion Reward/s: 750 XP, 15,000 Credits, New Ability for Tali: Energy Drain, New Alternative Outfit for Tali.

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