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Mass Effect 3
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 22-03-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:28 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 19-07-2019 / 17:22 GMT

Mass Effect 3 Guide

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Identity Theft

After the initial cutscene, you can now run around the apartment talking to whatever crew members you have alive. All but three are on the bottom floor and only Wrex, Garrus and Javik are on the top floor.

When you’ve finished, head over to Liara to find out what she’s discovered. The crew will decide on the best way to proceed, namely to infiltrate Silver Coast Casino.

Note : As there are no enemies to fight in the next section, you are free to choose anyone you wish. If you take along your love interest, you will be treated to a fun scene at the entrance.

Silver Coast Casino: Infiltration

Much like normal casinos, you can gamble in here. Varren Racing, Roulette and Quasar are all here.

Brooks will go off to do her thing so you’re left to mingle with the party-goers. Talk to whoever you want until Brooks tells you to meet her upstairs. Head up the stairs and to the back corner. Your map will show you the way. Now, talk to Brooks for another cutscene.

You now have to bypass some cameras to be able to hack the alarms and turn them off. You need to follow the very obvious blue wiring to the left corner where a camera watches the junction box. The yellow field is the field of vision so stand behind the camera and bypass it. Now quickly run to the box because the bypass only lasts a few seconds.

Next you will need to mingle some more. There are a few amusing conversations to be had, particularly with the barman. Also, you can have Shepard and your teammate dance together. If you go downstairs Brooks will mention a guard who needs distracting. Head over there.

Stand on this side when you go to bypass the camera so it doesn't see you.

Go back to mingling for a while and eventually Brooks will tell you that she needs more boxes disabled. Follow the red wiring to the Roulette tables to find another junction box. This time there are two guards pacing back and forth.

Your squad member will tell you that they can cause a distraction when you’re ready. Wait until the guard on the right has moved away and for the other one to turn away. Have your teammate distract the left-hand guard and quickly hack the junction box.

To find the next one, follow the red wiring to the right, past the Varren Racing. This time there’s a camera and a guard to get past. Wait for the guard to turn away, have your teammate distract him and then hack the camera. Now move quickly to the junction box and bypass it.

Distract this guard once the other moves away.

After the cutscene, run straight ahead, past the Quasar machines to stall the guard. After you’ve done that, go back to blending in. You can find the Asari Consort Sha’ira nearby if you are so inclined to speak to her.

Find the yellow wiring nearby and follow it into a side room where two guards and two cameras watch the area. This one is a bit more tricky and requires good timing on your part. If you get spotted, just mingle with the nearby group of people and things will settle down.

The first thing to do is run to the right-hand camera. Watch for the guard further away to turn around and immediately have your teammate distract the other one. Now quickly hack the camera. Run to the other camera while the guard is distracted and again wait for the other guard to turn away. Swiftly bypass the camera. Run to the box and have your teammate distract the nearest guard before the camera comes back on. Now you can hack the box.

You will know when a camera is coming back online as it will start to blink.


Once you arrive back at the apartment, you will acquire reputation, Paragon or Renegade points and a whopping 24000 Credits .

Identity Theft II

Speak to your squadmates and they will have a few things to say about the last mission. After some time, Brooks will call you over so head over there for another cutscene.

You can now choose your squad for the next mission. Wrex is highly recommended as he deals incredible amounts of damage and makes a very good distraction. He has insane survivability and Lift grenades. He is an absolute must if you’re a biotic.

The other team member should be someone with tech powers like Tali, EDI or even Garrus. If you’re an Engineer you may want to have more firepower like Ashley or James. Strap on your best weapons and mods and let’s go!

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