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Mass Effect 3
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Author(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 22-03-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:28 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 19-07-2019 / 02:41 GMT

Mass Effect 3 Guide

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Campaign (Act 1)

Tuchanka: Bomb

WARNING: Should you wait too long to complete this mission, it will fail and you cannot complete it later. Be sure to do it ASAP.

Say hi to Lieutenant Victus as you approach the planet (left). Destroy the shield generators when you see them (right).

You’ll start the mission under heavy fire from Cerberus Troopers (you can ignore the shells going off in the streets; they’ll not kill you, just make it more difficult to see ahead). Destroy the shield generators first, then kill the troops as they run for better cover. Keep pushing up the flanks from behind cover until they’re all dead (stopping the shelling in the streets).

Walk up the ramp and halfway up on your left there’s a new sniper rifle called the M-29 Incisor , pick it up and then also grab the Shotgun Blade Attachment . Just around the corner are Cerberus troops waiting in ambush; flank them by crouch walking down the right-hand wall until you see the turret and the Engineer. Drop the Engineer first, then destroy the turret. Now shoot the shield generator making the remaining Assault Troopers easy pickings. Before you leave, be sure to grab the Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets from the ground behind where the turret was.

Around the next corner there’s a couple of Guardians, Assaulters and an Engineer, so drop the Engineer first, then the Guardians finishing off with the Assault Troopers. Just past these guys is a console sitting on some rock debris on your right; if you scan this you’ll get 5,000 Credits .

Press onwards, climb up the far ridge on your left and at the end of the corridor there’s an SMG Heat Sink Mod you can pick up. Take cover now though as there’s several troops waiting in ambush in the distance. If you stay where you are, you can get in a couple of cheeky kills before the enemy AI even bothers to kick in!

Long-mid range attacks will allow you to pick these foes off with relative ease, now run down to the end and on the ground there’s a Medi-Kit and a Pistol Scope from the crates. Drop down and you can ignore the troops that fly away, or drop them before they make it into the ship, your choice.

Someone Set Us Up

There’s some additional ammo down here along with salvage worth 5,000 Credits . You can push forwards down the long corridor as the troops will attempt to escape onto their convoy and fly away.

At the top of the ramp, look right, climb the ladder and pick up the Sniper Rifle Concentration Module from atop of the crates in front of you. Around the corner (where another ship flies away, there’s a Pistol Melee Stunner hiding behind a crate on the ground to your right).

Run down the ramp, look left and be very careful of the turret at the other end of the room; zoom in and hit it hard with whatever you fancy and on your left, look for the robotic arm that you can scan for 2,500 Credits .

At the end of this room there’s a Medi-Kit and some Turret Control Schematics that are for a Citadel side mission you haven’t even unlocked yet (bizarrely). Pick it all up and head outside and make your way to the Turian to trigger off a cuscene and the last stand for this mission.

The Turret Control Schematics are for a Citadel side mission which you will unlock later (left). Look for the dropships as you protect Victus and rain down hell (right).

You need to protect Lieutenant Victus from being shot to bits as he attempts to disarm the bomb. The first wave are easy enough, just foot soldiers, but their numbers will soon increase and eventually an Atlas Mech will show up!

Normally, this could be a pain in the bum to beat, but… there’s a one-shot kill weapon hiding away just off to the right of where you start this battle. It’s known as the Hydra Missile Launcher , so pick it up, hold down fire for a couple of seconds, and hit the Mech square in the face/back and watch it explode into a pile of molten metal with a single shot.

Now it’s just a matter of killing the rest of the Cerberus troops that drop into the centre of the battlefield. Your reward is +10 Reputation, +4 Paragon/Renegade Points and 12,500 Credits .


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