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Mass Effect: Andromeda
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 16-02-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:28 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 18-08-2019 / 07:19 GMT

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Questing Eos

Task - The Ghost of Promise

Ana Carrells Datapads

You likely started this quest back during your first visit to Eos, perhaps by picking up a Datapad from Ana Carrell at some Remnant ruins west of the first monolith. The next phase of this quest tasks you with finding another two such Datapads, and unfortunately, their locations are at random, unmarked Remnant ruins across Eos. Likely locations for these Datapads (including the first, aforementioned location) are as follows:

  • Some Remnant ruins west of the Forward Station in The Golden Wastes
  • Along the northern end of the Shearpoint - follow the trail east and northeast from the Shearpoint Forward Station to find some Remnant Ruins north of the road, as the road turns west and heads downhill.
  • Near the island of stone just left-of-center of the Presson Dunes. The Remnant ruins are just north of the Forward Station along the eastern end of this rock formation.

Find Datapads scattered about random Remnant ruins (left) to find out where Ana Carrell went, then read some more Datapads (right) to learn her fate.

These are good places to look, but there are no guarantees, unfortunately. If you don’t find them there, just go about your business around Eos and stop every time a quest takes you near some Remnant ruins and give them a search. When you’ve found three Datapads, you’ll get a navpoint direction you to some Remnant ruins east, northeast of the Forward Station in The Golden Wastes.

Ana Carrell and the Remnant Ruins

Enter these Remnant ruins and use a Gravity Well to descend into the depths. When you reach the bottom, search on some high ground to the south and west to find some containers, then read some Datapads to the north to learn Ana Carrell’s fate, and the information she left behind. While you can return to Prodromos and finish this quest now… why not finish exploring these ruins, first?

Target the Destroyer's Turrets to deal damage and limit the machine's offense (left) after which concentrate your fire on its body (right).

Jump up on the ledge west of the Gravity Well and interact with a Remnant Console, then head east to meet a Destroyer - quite possibly the first such machine you’ve encountered. These things are essentially Remnant tanks, armed with two side-mounted Turrets (which can be individually targeted and destroyed) that fire rapid, heavily damaging bursts. In addition the Destroyer can shoot more powerful, but much slower energy bursts and generate fields of damaging energy around itself. The tactics are simple, it’s incredibly durable, but slow, so stick in cover and try to shoot off its Turrets to neuter it, offensively, then just focus on taking the machine down. Once its shields are gone, its armor shouldn’t be too hard to deplete.

Solve a Remnant puzzle (left) to score some loot, and scan an Adaptive Remnant Core Device (right) for some Remnant Research Data points.

Once the Destroyer is… well, destroyed, continue east and scan an Adaptive Remnant Core Device , loot a container behind it to the east, then turn northeast from the device you scanned to find another Sudoku-locked Remnant container. Solve the Remnant puzzle (solution provided), then exit the Remnant structure, return to Prodromos, enter a building east of where the Tempest is parked and interact with a Terminal inside to complete this quest. Your reward for completing this task? 270 XP. Yeah, the journey is much more lucrative than the destination.

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