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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
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Chapter 1 Main Missions

M13 - Pitch Dark

Warning: If you don’t have C4 yet, and you should by now, then you’ll want some for this mission, as well as the next.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
Transportation Specialist, KABARGA-83 Blueprint
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Shut down the oil transfer pump. Mandatory
2 Destroyed the oily water separator tank. Mandatory
3 Extracted four child soldiers being trained at Masa Village. Optional
4 Exfiltrated the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield is sealed off. Optional
5 Extracted the lappet-faced vulture that wandered into the burned-down village. Optional
6 Extracted four Walker Gears sealing off Mfinda Oilfield. Optional

This is your first exposure to Africa, which looks a lot different than Afghanistan, as there’s a lot more trees. D-Horse is probably not very good for this area, so try and bring in D-Dog, if you have him (and you should by now). From where you get dropped off, you will see that the oil refinery is far to the north, so you will be walking a long time.

D-Dog (left) is a good choice for this mission because he can scout the enemies (right).

Along the way, you will pass through Masa Village, the first area with enemies in this region. They are nothing special and should be treated the same as the grunts you’ve been fighting up to this point in time. If it becomes night, some of the soldiers will likely run to the barracks and fall fast asleep, with some more guarding them. Feel free to do whatever you want to them, as the same principles apply here; you can either ignore them or capture them for your base.

Infilitrate the Oil Facility (left) then tranquilize the gaurds (right).

Keep heading north, bypassing one more guard outpost, and the rest of the way will be pretty much clear, so you can resort to sprinting until you reach the refinery. Your main goals right now are to shut off the transfer pump and destroy the separator tank, both marked with yellow waypoints on your map. As you would think, there’s plenty of enemies patrolling the refinery, making D-Dog invaluable here to pinpoint their locations.

The objective at the top of the refinery is the transfer pump, which just requires you to push a button. Getting there is the more challenging of the two things you need to do, so it might be wise to go there first. For the other objective, you are looking for a big tank. Go up to the separator tank and plant a single C4 charge on it, then leave the refinery. On the outskirts, detonate the C4, call in a helicopter and leave to finish.

No Kills: If you’re playing through the missions and trying not to kill anyone, make sure you subdue and move any enemies away from the separator tank before detonating the C4.

Mission Task 3

It’s best to wait until later in the game to try and extract the four child soldiers that are in Masa Village. This is because your standard Fulton Device won’t suffice and you’ll need to manually bring them one-by-one to an extraction helicopter. At night, they will go into one of the buildings to sleep; it appears they will attempt to leave the map if the enemies are alerted to your presence.

Mission Tasks 4 & 6

Since you will need to destroy the water separator tank with an explosive, you are better off using C4. Do the other main objective first, then plant a C4 on the tank. Once you blow it up and alert the enemies to your presence, four enemies with Walkers will come to seal off the oilfield.

One mission task exfiltrates the hot zone before they seal off the oilfield, so do the tank second and call in an extract helicopter, detonating the C4 as you’re leaving. For the second task related to this, you will need to extract the four Walker Gears that come to seal the oilfield, so stick around after completing the two main objectives to extract them (Cargo 2 upgrade necessary).

Mission Task 5

The lappet-faced vulture can be found in the burnt down village west of the oilfield. It is likely flying around at first and can be tough to hit with a tranquilizer dart. So, you need to either wait until it lands or use something like the Bait Bottle to lure it to the ground. Extract it after shooting it to fulfill the task.

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