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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Strategy Guide

First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide

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Side Ops

Side Ops 1-10

01 - Extract Interpreter (Russian)

When you get to the location with the interpreter, you will see there are two guards with him. At first, they may be hanging out together, but they should eventually go their own ways. The post is pretty small, with only one building and the important NPC will go in it sometimes, making him an easier target, as the other two will likely stay outside. You want the interpreter alive, so you can extract him back to Mother Base.

The interpreter has a couple of soldiers with him (left) but he will eventually move inside the little building alone (right).

02 - Extract Interpreter (Pashto)

This guy is being held captive in a guardpost with around six enemies guarding him. That makes it challenging, as the area is quite small, so there’s a lot of room for error on your part. One of the better tactics is to use empty magazines to lure the enemies away from each other, allowing you to take them out one-by-one. There’s also the lucky chance of a sandstorm rolling through, letting you do things a little more quickly due to the noise/sight reduction. Grab the interpreter on the ground, bring him to a safe location and extract him.

03 - Extract Interpreter (Afrikaans)

A pretty easy Side Ops mission, with the target located in the middle of the blue circle on the map. He is an enemy soldier that has two others with him, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to put the target to sleep and then extract him.

04 - Extract Interpreter (Kikongo)

This person of interest is a prisoner located at the guard outpost labeled as #16 on your map. There are quite a number of enemies in the area, with around three guarding the building where the interpreter is located. You want to be careful, as a vehicle with two more guards will drive through periodically.

05 - Secure the RIOT SMG Blueprint

Head to the location of the Side Ops and you’ll be told about interrogating enemies to get new intel about the immediate area. So, find an enemy wandering around and grab him from behind as if you were going to choke him out/kill him. You should see an option that looks like a speech bubble, which is the interrogation one.

While holding an enemy hostage, hold down that button and some options will appear. You want to concentrate on the two on the left, particularly the one that mentions new intel in this case. Doing this will place a check mark on your map, which will be the location of the blueprint you need. Go and grab it to finish the mission.

06 - Secure the STUN ARM Blueprint

This blueprint is located at Serak Power Plant and is in the northernmost building on the map. If you need its exact location shown on the map, find a lone guard and interrogate him for the intel. For some reason, there aren’t a lot of enemies at the plant, but there is a vehicle patrol with two enemies that stop every now and then.

07 - Secure the IR-SENSOR Blueprint

Located at Qarya Sakhra Ee, this blueprint is found in a building at the very top of the base and will prove a little more challenging than the others. This is due to you having to wade through a lot of soldiers, although you should only tranq them if they are in your way or if you want to send them to Mother Base. If you need its exact location shown on the map, find a lone guard and interrogate him for the intel.

08 - Secure the ANTITHEFT DEVICE Blueprint

Located at the guard post just east of Bwala ya Masa, there will be quite a few more enemies than usual here. In fact, you will want to watch out for the two snipers roaming the hills around the guard post, each of whom are accompanied by a normal guard. As for the Blueprint, you will find it in one of the tents on the southern side of the post. If you need its exact location, as always, interrogate a guard for the information on its position.

09 - Secure the GUN-CAM DEFENDER Blueprint

This blueprint is located inside a building at Nova Braga Airport, which is heavily defended; it is a building which you will have visited many times throughout the main missions. Go along the outer wall of the airport until you come to the west side, where you will see a box against it that allows you to get over the wall. Find the medium-sized building you can enter close by and you’ll spot the Blueprint in there. For an exact location, interrogate one of the guards, knowing that there’s also an unrelated blueprint in the main, larger building.

10 - Secure the UA-DRONE Blueprint

The Afghanistan Central Base Camp is a pretty big place, so you can expect a lot of enemies in it. If you need its exact location shown on the map, find a lone guard and interrogate him for the intel. The blueprint is located inside of the small building that’s in the middle of the three big buildings on the north end.

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