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Monster Hunter World
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 13-02-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 16-03-2018 / 12:04 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 20-09-2018 / 09:40 GMT

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Trophy Guide

Angling for a Bite

After the Great Jagras hunt you’ll be sent off on a mandatory expedition to the Ancient Forest (listed under the page Rebuild the Ancient Forest Camp in the walkthrough). While your objective is - as indicated by the aforementioned page name - to set up a new camp in the Ancient Forest, you’ll also be able to talk to some new characters, including the Piscine Researcher. Ask him about fishing, then indulge in this past-time after he challenges you to catch a Pink Parexus (part of the bounty Research Help: Pink Parexus Capture). Simply catching any first will do, and it’s painfully easy - for most fish, you need merely press [Circle]/[B] when it bites (the bobber goes under the water).