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Author(s): Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 24-07-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 05-07-2020 / 01:22 GMT

WeaponsSecondary Job Stats
Sword, DaggerPhysical Attack, Accuracy, Critical, Evasion, Speed

The Thief is a bit of a weird class, when you compare it to the others, as it doesn't have a straight role. If it could be classified as anything, it's a cross between a debuffer and a lone wolf. It is the main class of Therion and the secondary job shrine can be found in South Quarrycrest Pass. Steal advertises what it does in the name; this skill will steal a single item from a foe. Enemies in this game only have one item, typically the same one as what they drop, so Steal will nab that from them. Wildfire is a single-target fire-elemental attack and is nothing special. HP Thief is one of the better attack skills for the Thief, as it is a two-hit dagger attack that will replenish the user's HP equal to half of the damage dealt.

The next two skills, Shackle Foe and Armor Corrosive, are vital to any party. The former will reduce a single enemy's physical strength for two turns, while the latter reduces an enemy's physical defense for two turns. Steal SP, depending on the enemy's weaknesses and the secondary job you have equipped, will most likely replace that character's regular attack because it typically recovers the SP used. Share SP takes 50% of your current SP and gives it to the character of your choice, making it a great pairing with Steal SP and excellent when you have SP-heavy users in your party. The Divine Skill, Aeber's Reckoning, deals damage to all enemies based on your character's speed.

Steal SP can effectively replace a Thief's normal attack The Thief's debuffs can help deal more damage for physical attackers

The passive skills for the Thief are not as good in the long term, as with other jobs. Incidental Attack has it so whenever you use a non-damaging move (like Steal), you have a 50% chance to attacking with your current weapon. Fleetfoot just increases your character's Speed stat by 50, which is great if you plan on using the Divine Skill. Probably the best passive is Snatch, which allows you to double the loot you gain when using Steal or Collect in battle. Insult to Injury, the final passive, will extend all debuffs put on foes an additional turn.


Skill NameSP CostDescription
Steal2Steal an item from a single foe
Wildfire7Deal heavy fire damage to a single foe
HP Thief6Attack a single foe twice with a dagger and steal HP equivalent to half of the damage dealt
Shackle Foe4Reduce a single foe's physical attack strength for 2 turns
Armor Corrosive4Reduce a single foe's physical defense for 2 turns
Steal SP6Attack a single foe twice with a dagger and steal SP equivalent to 5% of the damage dealt
Share SP0Bestow SP equivalent to 50% of one's current SP to a single ally
Aeber's Reckoning30[Divine Skill] Attack all foes with a dagger, dealing damage proportional to your speed


Support Skills

Skill NameSkills To UnlockDescription
Incidental Attack4When using a non-damaging skill on a foe, there is a 50% chance you will attack as well
Fleetfoot5Increases the equipped character's speed by 50
Snatch6The equipping character will receive double the loot when using Steal or Collect
Insult to Injury7Status ailments and attribute penalties inflicted by the equipping character will last for one additional turn

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