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Chapter 1 - Getting Started in the Outskirts

Chapter 1 - Getting Started in the Outskirts

First Night in the Stolen Lands

Moving on the World Map

You’re finally free of the confines of Jamandi’s Mansion in Restov, your next destination being Oleg Leveton’s Trading Post. Right now there’s not much agonizing as to which direction to take on the world map; your route is more or less set and you can really only choose to go forwards towards your aforementioned destination, or back to Restov, which is a waste of time. That being the case, click the left arrow on the map to move in that direction and watch as you progress past a fork in the road. Beyond this fork you’ll be treated to a not-so-random encounter where you’ll face off against three Wolves.

Map Movement (Tutorial): This is a map of the Stolen Lands and their vicinities. To set out, click on one of the arrows near your party token. You can learn the whereabouts of significant locations by talking to characters or happening upon them during your journey. After learning about a location, you must find the way there yourself. Along the way, random encounters await. You may be attacked by monsters, or you may meet new acquaintances. After exiting the location of a random encounter, you will not be able to return there.

Note: You can adjust your party’s equipment while on the world map by pressing "I", as usual. Might be a good idea if you stripped everybody before talking to Jamandi earlier. Plus, you might as well swap out Amiri’s Hide Armor with some Chainmail.

Note: The date is currently 11 Rova, the ninth month of the year. If Jamandi’s three month prediction holds true, that means you have until the beginning of the twelfth month (Kuthona) to overthrow the Stag Lord.

You can move on the world map by clicking the arrows, or by selecting an empty node
but be wary of random encounters (or not-so-random encounters, as the case may be)

Setting Up Camp

These are stronger opponents than the Assassins you faced in Jamandi’s mansion, and the game does you no favors with party placement at the start of the fight. Withdraw vulnerable characters to the rear while commanding your high Armor Class characters to engage, and as much as possible try to focus your attacks to take them down one at a time.

The Wolves, for their part, will try to use Combat Maneuver: Trip on opponents, which, if successful, will knock them down. This wastes a turn during which the tripped character has to stand up, and standing up from a prone position provokes an Attack of Opportunity. Combat Maneuvers like tripping and disarming are opposed by a character’s Combat Maneuver Defense score, which you can view by pressing C to enter the Character menu, then picking the "Martial" tab. A character’s Combat Maneuver Defense is equal to 10 + their Level, Strength modifier, Dexterity modifier, size adjustment, and any applicable feats.

Dispatch your lupine foes, after which it’ll be time to set up camp for the first time!

Rest (Tutorial): It’s high time to set up camp and rest. In camp, all characters will restore some of their lost hit points, and those capable of casting spells will replenish them. To camp, you need a special resource - rations. When you click the R "Rest" button, an outline of a camp appears under your mouse cursor. A green outline allows you to click to set up camp there, while a red one means that something is blocking it. After setting up camp, click on the bonfire to begin resting.

Once everyone has gathered around the bonfire, you will see a special camp interface used to set the resting time and distribute the following responsibilities among your party members:

Hunter - success will acquire additional rations.
Cooking - preparing a successful dish will grant a positive effect lasting 16 hours to the specific character or the entire party, depending on the recipe.
Camp Camouflage and Night Watch - lowers the chance of an enemy attack on the camp.
Special Ability - every party member has their own special ability.

While resting, your camp may be attacked by enemies. After dealing with them, click on the fire again to continue resting. It is usually better to avoid camping in dungeons - in dungeons, you won’t be able to hunt, cook, or use certain abilities. Moreover, there is a higher chance of enemy attacks in such places.

Find a spot suitable for camp by pressing "R", then moving the camp image around until it's unobstructed
Depending on your needs at the time, you can manage camp assignments

As the tutorial suggests, press the "R" button to bring up the camp outline, then move it to an unobstructed spot. If the camp image is green, you’re good to go, if it’s red, try somewhere else. Once done, select your party and click on the fire place and they’ll move to the camp and begin preparing for their various roles.

Just like the tutorial said, there are several tasks that need to be taken care of at camp, including Hunting, Camouflaging the campsite, Cooking, and taking rounds on Watch. By default, the game automatically does a well enough job of assigning characters to the proper task based on their skills: Hunting requires Lore (Nature), Camp Camouflage uses Stealth, Cooking checks your Knowledge (World) skill, and your vigilant eyes on Watch use their Perception skill.

What’s not evident from the in-game tutorials is how much you can get done while camping (while camping, press the Manage button near the bottom of the screen), and some of the finer points of how things work. First, for every party member you’ll need a ration. Jamandi gave you four, and this first bout of camping will take up all of them. Fortunately, you can replenish your stock with a successful Hunting - Lore (Nature) - check. The higher the score, the more rations you’ll receive from hunting. If you have insufficient rations, your hunters will stay out until they secure enough rations, which may drastically increase the duration of a camp session.

Amiri, with a Lore (Nature) skill modifier of +5 has a good chance of bringing back something, but you can improve her odds drastically by having more characters help. To do this, note the portraits at the top of the screen, which you can click and drag over to the empty boxes below that of each task’s primary character. Each additional character will add +2 to the skill check, regardless of their of skill modifiers, and both Hunting and Camp Camouflage can retain all six party members. Cooking, however, despite currently being the highest DC to pass, can only accommodate one character. Too many cooks in the kitchen, and all that? You can also assign characters to Watch shifts, where they will add their full Perception scores to oppose any potential enemy Stealth checks - at least if their Perception skill modifier is the highest, otherwise they add +2, as usual.

The results of camping are based on skill checks, so don't be afraid to save/load until you get the results you need

Keep in mind, however, that assigning more characters to work will increase the duration of camp somewhat, and that characters who are assigned too many tasks will not receive the full benefit of resting, such as removing fatigue or exhaustion and preparing spells. If you wish to secure those benefits (one would think they’re the main reason to camp in the first place), aim to only assign one character to each task. Note the red circles above each character’s portrait - a circle is filled for each task a character is assigned, so a proper, restful camp session is one where everybody only has one circle filled, at most.

All in all, never forget that your key ally when it comes to camping is saving and loading until you get the results you want.