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Chapter 1 - Getting Started in the Outskirts

Chapter 1 - Getting Started in the Outskirts

Nettle's Crossing

The next destination is more preventative than anything else, as after a day or so of roaming the Stolen Lands your protagonist may start having odd dreams. You have options for dealing with the situation the dream puts you in, but they all end the same way - a summon to Shrike River. This summons carries coercion with it, as your protagonist will not recover spells or rid themselves of fatigue or exhaustion when this dream occurs. Might as well go see to the cause as soon as possible, even if that’s before you actually have such a dream.

From Two-Rivers Cross (or from the node south of Fangberry Cave, if you prefer) travel southeast to reach Shrike River, which you then need merely follow southwest to reach Nettle’s Crossing.

Note: If you go northeast from the empty node along Shrike River you’ll find the Old Outpost. Despite the name, you can’t explore it.

After enough time has passed, you'll start getting dreams in the form of a short Illustrated Book episode
In order for your protagonist to rest you'll need to head to Nettle's Crossing and agree to help the undead who is haunting you

Enter Nettle’s Crossing and follow the road northeast until it forks at a sign. Since the path northeast terminates in a collapsed rope bridge, turn down a trail to the southeast - running past a burnt-down house as you go - to reach the rocky shore of the river. Approach, and a drowned corpse will pull itself out of the water to confront you. Ask the corpse who it was and how it died to recall a vision similar to the dreams you may have had. In any case, the corpse was slain by the Stag Lord, and wants vengeance - vengeance that’s beyond its power to acquire. Agree to avenge the corpse - it’s the only way to get the dreams to stop - and it’ll offer up the spear it still carries should you come back successful. Attacking will only temporarily buy you a reprieve from the visions, so even evil characters are subject to the corpse’s irrepressible wishes.

With that, you’re free to exit the area and continue exploring. If your party is getting tired, don’t be afraid to rest, but generally you should let the stock of your healing spells determine when you rest. A little fatigue never hurt anybody, and if it did, you’ve got healing magics! Seriously, though, if you need to recover, don’t be shy about heading back to Oleg’s Trading Post. Assuming you don’t - and some fatigue doesn’t deter you - feel free to continue this expedition uninterrupted.