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Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Official Strategy Guide

Developer: Owlcat Games
Publisher: Deep Silver
Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 25-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 24-09-2018 / 13:18 GMT
Version: 0.9 (????) 25-09-2018 / 12:01 GMT

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Chapter 1 - Getting Started in the Outskirts

Chapter 1 - Getting Started in the Outskirts

Waterlogged Lowland

From the Trail in the Hills travel to an empty node to the west, then head north to reach another, or if you prefer, travel to the empty node just northwest of Nettle’s Crossing. Save your game, as there’s a hidden area along the path between these two nodes. In the former case, travel east, while in the latter case travel west, and as you travel along the path you may discover the Waterlogged Lowland hidden area.

If you find it, travel to it and save your game outside. The entire area is covered in an Illustrated Book Episode, so you’ll have to make the right choices and hope the RNG is on your side if you wish to escape with as little damage as possible. For this event, you may want to remove your armor, at least from the character with the highest potential Athletics and Mobility skill scores - your Armor Class won’t be checked, but those two skills will be. Also note that in this generous Illustrated Book Episode you can abandon your journey to return to safety, allowing you to save your game, then return to the spot at which you left off with no penalty. There’s no reason you can’t fish for optimal rolls here. Below are the following choices you should make, in order:

"We determined that we should explore the lowland."

"We would not retreat, and moved ever forward, toward the tall tree, determined to visit the big hut on our way there."

With luck on your side, you should be able to discover the Waterlogged Lowland
Succeed at an [Athletics] check to avoid being Sickened

"[Athletics 14] Wary of another of us getting sucked into the bog, we decided to form a living chain. Standing next to each other and holding hands, we began to pull up our fellow traveler"

If you fail the Athletics check, the randomly selected character who started sinking into the swamp will only be recovered after being sickened by the swamp water. The sickened status can be removed with a Remove Sickness spell (Harrim has access to it).

Picking the other option ("We hurried to the rescue - sensing that time was short!") risks the rest of your party suffering what the one randomly chosen party member was facing, allowing a [Fortitude 15] save to prevent it. The original character will suffer, regardless, so this option is categorically worse than the previous one, even if you fail.

Jaethal is immune to the sickened status, so if she’s randomly selected, you essentially get past that hazard for free.

You are encouraged to retreat and save your game after successfully bypassing this hazard.

"We peeked inside the hut."

Choosing this option - which can be bypassed - will score you a Shortsword, Leather Armor, and 137 GP. The [Knowledge (World 17)] check doesn’t contribute in any way, save flavor text.

Be sure to check the hut to score some treasure
after which pass a [Strength] or [Mobility] check to reach your destination unscathed

[Mobility 16] or [Strength 15] check, whichever is the most likely to succeed. An unfatigued Amiri or Jaethal will have a +3 Strength modifier, requiring you to roll a 12 or higher to succeed. The same characters, if you removed their armor, may well have a higher Mobility score, if you invested in it, all things considered. If you fail, your party will take damage.

The final choice really depends on what you want out of this encounter. The moral choices are [Lawful Good], [Chaotic Evil] and [Neutral]. The [Lore (Religion) 15] check does nothing but provide flavor text.

If you pick the [Lawful Good] option, you may do what is right
but you'll suffer the effects of a curse for your trouble

The Lawful Good action will net you a small amount of XP, but, as should be expected from desecrating the holy place of a malefic god, it’s not without consequences. In this case, your party will be afflicted with the "Curse of Feeble Body" debuff, permanently lowering your Constitution scores by two until you get access to the Remove Curse spell, which could be quite a ways off. A hefty price to pay for some virtue signaling.

Reward: For destroying the idol of Gogunta
30 XP

The Chaotic Evil choice is far more lucrative, especially if you pass the Fortitude Save the action imposes

The Chaotic Evil action is far more rewarding, but potentially carries some temporary side effects if you fail a [Fortitude 18] save. Your protagonist will be the one to carry this feat out, so the odds of success can be highly variable. If you fail the save, you’ll earn 80 XP and score an Emerald, and will suffer a point of Wisdom damage for your trouble (you can recover this Wisdom damage by resting). If you succeed, you’ll emerged unscathed, with 200 XP and an Emerald to show for your effort.

Reward: For eating the blue dragonfly
60 XP or 200 XP / Emerald

Ability Damage: Some effects, usually spells, curses, poisons and diseases, can lower a character’s ability score. Provided the underlying cause of the ability score damage is cured, a character will recover damaged ability scores by resting. Restoration spells and effects also heal damaged ability scores.

The Neutral choice gets you nothing other than the satisfaction of doing a neutral deed; whatever odd form that satisfaction may take.