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Chapter 2 - Abandoned Keep Expedition

Chapter 2 - Abandoned Keep Expedition

Brown Baldhead

After leaving Saint Galvan’s Gullet, heed the following directions to reach Brown Baldhead, which isn’t terribly far away, but does require you to take a circuitous route to reach:

East to path between two empty nodes
West (path veers northwest)

When you arrive, you should see a Dire Wolf in the distance. Don’t go doing anything crazy, as the mutt has friends - a lot of friends. It’s joined by a companion just out of sight, and the whole pack is a short distance to the northwest. Individually, or even in small groups Dire Wolves aren’t too great of a threat, but there’s enough of them to nearly surround your party, and if you should get tripped and suffer several Attacks of Opportunity… it would be a problem.

You can win this fight easily enough if you’re prepared to buff your way to victory (Bless, Haste, Prayer, Blur, etc), but there’s a more efficient way to win this fight. Send you mage to the west, then north and cast a Web spell between the Dire Wolves just north of your party and their would-be reinforcements. You should find a corpse near some rocks to use as a landmark - just aim at the fog of war northeast of this corpse. If this provokes the mutts, retreat behind your warriors, who should advance to meet this threat while your Wizard, once safe, readies another Web spell. The Dire Wolves and Alpha Wolf that joins them have a high enough Reflex save that you can’t guarantee they’ll be effected, but two should do the job just fine. Cut down the dogs that escape the Web as they manage it and you should win a convincing victory.

Defeat the wolves, then set about looting their less-capable victims. The southwestern-most corpse will yield a Masterwork Greatsword, a suit of Chainmail +1 and a Bloodstained Letter. The letter details a hunt for some Cyclops run by one "Captain Alazar", and examining evidence around the area suggests that whatever killed the men here, it wasn’t a wolf. The men gathered for this Cyclops hunt did have the unfortunate irony of naming their troupe the "Alazar Wolves", however.

On a corpse to the east you’ll find a Masterwork Longsword, a Light Shield +1, and a suit of Scalemail +1. On the two corpses to the northwest you’ll find a Punching Dagger +1 and a suit of Leather Armor +1 on the eastern one, and a Masterwork Heavy Crossbow and a suit of Hide +1 armor. Finally, on the northen-most corpse you’ll find a Quarterstaff +1, a Wand of Fireball and a Potion of Fox’s Cunning. These may not have been the most experienced warriors, but they weren’t poorly armed. A Cyclops prowling the wilderness is definitely something the local baron should be wary of…