This Walkthrough is designed to lead you through completing the main story, collecting all 66 pieces of fruit and beating the final boss, in 15 days. Believe it or not, this is not the shortest number of days possible.

However it is far, far below the average completion time of many players and following this guide will give you a better understanding of how you should play the game at speed, and give you a nice bit of gloating material for Miiverse.

As such there are a few things to note. Do not feel as if you need to follow this guide to a tee. If you’re struggling to do everything that this guide suggests in a given day then split it over two, you’ll always have the juice to compensate and even a 20 day run is impressive.

Instead, see the expectations of this guide as a benchmark. I know that what I ask of you is possible, I did it myself to put this guide together aferall! The restart button is only ever a few clicks away…

Similarly, if you think you can do something extra in a day that this guide is remiss to point out, give it a go! By my calculations the full fruit run is possible in 13 days with some slight refinements on this guide. I will even go so far as to point out where I see these improvements being made throughout the guide.

So ultimately, as you play, you should be asking yourself; in how many days can Pikmin 3 be cleared with all fruit collected? The online leaderboard suggests it can be done in around 11/12 days, can you hit that goal? This guide will certainly help you see it as a possibility.

Just don’t tear your hair out if you can’t do it straight away, a lot of things will come with practise, and thorough analysis. It’s always a good idea to watch your replays on the Gamepad after a day’s work, as it can help you spot unneccessary idle time, or refine a route.

With all that said, let’s pluck!


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