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Guide Name: Pikmin 3
Author: James Bowden
Editor: James Bowden
First Published: 14-08-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 14-08-2018 / 17:11 GMT

Pikmin 3 Strategy Guide

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Secret Memos

Secret Memos

Hidden Memo Locations

There’s a total of 10 unique memos tucked away in far corners of the game, which each contain a special code that can be input on the Pikmin 3 website to unlock up to five different hidden videos on the Wii U browser!

Let’s take at the location of each hidden memo in turn…

Left: Secret Memo 1 / Right: Secret Memo 2

Secret Memo 1

Garden of Hope - Head north west of the onion, to the area with the tin-pully system. with three captains you need to work the lifts to get one captain on the large brick platform to the right, then lower the platform to the right of this, throw a captain onto it, then remove the Pikmin to rise up and claim the memo.

Secret Memo 2

Garden of Hope - Outside the entrance to the boss fight with the Mireclops you’ll tackle a crab; check his home to find this memo.

Left: Secret Memo 3 / Right: Secret Memo 4

Secret Memo 3

Distant Tundra - Head south from the onion with all three captains, and then udse the wall (next to what was a crystal) as a stepping stone to throw the third captain onto the wall that has the snowman that wore a cherry for a hat. Follow this wall north east to find this memo.

Secret Memo 4

Distant Tundra - In the cave north west of the onion - the one full of fire - you can open a bamboo gate. In here there is a concealed section in the centre, enter this safe zone to find the memo in the grass.

Left: Secret Memo 5 / Right: Secret Memo 6

Secret Memo 5

Tropical Wilds - Head south west of the onion, into the body of water, and then head into the cave to the west of here. Search the very back of the Calcified Crushblat’s cave, underwater, to find this memo.

Secret Memo 6

Tropical Wilds - North of the onion, use the see saw block to move a captain up onto the ledge (move around to the west side of the platform and throw Yellow Pikmin onto the Red Mushroom).

Follow this round as if you were heading to the tree stump to collect the raspberr but instead of falling into the tree stump fall off to the right. The memo is here.

Left: Secret Memo 7 / Right: Secret Memo 8

Secret Memo 7

Twilight River - Take all three captains to the Red Mushroom and send two captains up (you came here to grab the blonde Imposter and bridge parts previously). This memo is sat on the stump to the right, where the bridge parts were previously.

Secret Memo 8

Twilight River - Head over the bridge towards the Scornet Maestro with two captains but as soon as you reach the gnarled tree path throw a captain off to the right. Move around the base of the tree to find this memo to the right.

Left: Secret Memo 9 / Right: Secret Memo 10

Secret Memo 9

Formidable Oak - Before heading into the second 'zone' (the bit with the water and many bridge parts) swing a left. There’s a small circle here, with the secret memo hiding in one of the mushrooms.

Secret Memo 10

Formidable Oak - After passing over the final light-activated mushrooms you’ll see a dirt mound on your left. The secret memo is inside here.