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Guide Name: Pikmin 3
Author: James Bowden
Editor: James Bowden
First Published: 14-08-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 17-08-2018 / 14:58 GMT

Pikmin 3 Strategy Guide

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15 Days, All Fruit Run

15 Days, All Fruit Run

Day 1 - Unknown

Todays Goals

  • Learn about Pikmin
  • Return to the SS Drake

Captain Charlie

Welcome to the inaugural, and typical, training mission! This mission is designed to introduce the Captain and Alph, and to get us used to throwing Pikmin around.

Unlike the rest of the game this Day does not adhere to the typical time limit of Pikmin and is completely linear. With that in mind, let’s get the training out of the way.

You’ll start the level as Charlie. Simply plod forward, making sure to be startled by the Pikmin sitting around the place, and eventually you’ll come to a tin of Tuna with a group of 'min sat on top.

Here you’ll learn about whistling, throwing and dismissing.

Note : Dismissing Pikmin should not be done lightly. Dismissed Pikmin will behave instinctively, meaning they will grab corpses or attack nearby enemies. When performing this command try and do it in an area where your Pikmin can safely loll around with nothing to distract them.

Once Charlie grocks this information head back and round up all the little chaps you passes. Your target is the mushrooms ahead. Ignore the crystal in the path to the left, that’s none of your concern right now.

Simply follow the path, whistling Pikmin that are sat around, and keep heading forward. Before long you’ll enter a cave, and Charlie will find himself in a bit of a situation…


That was a quaint intro, wasn’t it? Now we start the game proper with Alph. Follow the red Pikmin ahead of you and round up his buddies. Your job is to throw all three onto the 'Onion' caught in the tree.

Note : The Onion is the Pikmin’s home. This is where they take resources to create more Pikmin, and also where you 'summon' Pikmin from when you stand under the body of the onion.

Next, let’s build a bridge. See those tiles nearby? Send your Pikmin to them. They will carry the pieces and build a bridge. Wonderful.

Note : When Pikmin are building a bridge they will naturally run to and from the bit pile until the bridge is done. They will always return to the pile, and will remain stood there if there are no pieces left. The same rules apply to any other 'piles' of stuff, such as Grapes or the Gold Nuggets in challenge mode.

With the bridge built head on over and grab your pad. You now have access to the map, and you can take snapshots using the gamepad as a camera. It’s actually a lot of fun, and you can upload images straight to Miiverse.

Anyway, we can play photo-journalist another time. For now, take your Pikmin over the bridge and collect the red pellets from the flowers to the right. If you hit them square on with a Pikmin throw then the flower will pop from its stalk instantly.

There are two 1 pellets to the right, and two 1 pellets and a 5 pellet to the left. When you head left watch out for the bugs. If you have your Pikmin with you and simply dismiss them within the bugs they will dispense them themselves.

Note : The number on the Pellet relates both to how many Pikmin are needed to carry it and how many Pikmin will be born upon the Pellets return. This said, if a Pikmin of the Pellets colour is responsible for its return then it will spawn twice the advertised amount.

Also, the Pikmin born from returned resources is always decided by whichever colour was doing the majority of the heavy lifting. Even if it’s a blue pellet, if a Red Pikmin carried it back then a Red Pikmin would be born.

Head back to the Onion and pluck your new 'min. With more than 20 of the chaps in your command you can head forward and push the cardboard box.

With this hurdle pushed aside, literally, head through the next cave. When you reach the sand wall set your Pikmin on it and they will proceed to tear it down.

Note : If you 'lock on' to something with Z/ZR and shake the Nunchuck/press B, your army will 'charge' it, massing it all at once. For things like bridge parts or walls, and for when you briefly incapacitate an enemy, this technique is an excellent tool and one you should familiarise yourself with.

Once through the cave you’ll have found the Drake and finished your training. Now the real fun begins…