Haxorus has exceptional Attack, so give it a lot of physical moves.

Looking at your Pokémon’s statistic screen and thinking ‘what?’ Wondering what the difference is between “Attack” and “Sp. Atk”? Well here are the facts as simple as can be told.

Statistic Affects What it Means
HP Health HP simply means Hit Points, this is the total health of your Pokémon.
Attack Physical Moves The higher the value the more damage your Pokémon will deal with physical moves.
Defense Physical Moves The higher the value the less damage your Pokémon will take from physical moves.
Sp. Attack Special Moves The higher the value the more damage your Pokémon will deal with special moves.
Sp. Defense Special Moves The higher the value the less damage your Pokémon will take from special moves.
Speed Move Priority in Battle The higher your Pokémon’s speed, the more likely it is to have the first move in each combat phase.

Physical moves are indicated by a “red smash”, while special moves have a “blue spiral”.

Noteable Pokémon in each category, excluding Legendary Pokémon, include the following.

Statistic Pokemon
HP **Blissey** , Wobuffet, Wailord, Snorlax, **Slaking** , Drifblim, Hariyama
Attack Rampardos, **Slaking** , Rhyperior, Salamence, Metagross, Dragonite
Defense **Shuckle** , Steelix, Cloyster, Aggron, Bastiodon, Onix, **Probopass**
Sp. Attack Alakazam, Porygon-Z, Gengar, Espeon, Magnezone, Glaceon
Sp. Defense **Shuckle** , **Probopass** , Mantine, Bastiodon, **Blissey** , Dusknoir
Speed Ninjask, Electrode, Jolteon, Aerodactyl, Crobat, Swellow, Weavile

Please note: These Pokémon are taken from the entire national Pokédex, not simply the Pokémon new to Black and White. Any Pokémon that appear in more than one category are highlighted.

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