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Pokemon Black and White
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 30-05-2011 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 09-02-2018 / 13:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-09-2018 / 16:35 GMT

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Chasing Legends

Chasing Legends

Back in Nacrene City


Head up toward the gym and you’ll meet a troupe of familiar faces. Tell them you’ll fight N and you’ll be bestowed with the Light Stone or Dark Stone (depending on your game version), an item that might have the potential power to possibly summon the second legendary creature.

So that's why you were led on a wild goose chase to find the Dragon Skull...

With the stone in hand you’ll be instructed to head to Opelucid Town to speak with the gym leader there in the search for more knowledge about it, and it just so happens that your contact is also your eighth gym fight, fancy that! So Fly to Icirrus City and continue your mission.