Pokemon Black and White Strategy Guide

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    30 May 2011
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    9 February 2018
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Gym 7

Gym 7

Back to Route 7


From the gym, head for the top right of town and exit onto Route 7. Follow the route the same way you did before until you reach the section that begins to lead up towards Celestial Tower. Turn right around here and follow the straight route. There are a few trainers here that you can fight if you didn’t do so before.

Trainer Battle: Harlequinn

Pokemon Level Type
Emolga 30 Electric/Flying
Emolga 30 Electric/Flying

Trainer Battle: Harlequinn

Pokemon Level Type
Tynamo 29 Electric
Ducklett 29 Water/Flying
Tranquill 29 Normal/Flying

As soon as the environment starts to change, heal up because a new challenge awaits.