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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 30-03-2020 / 20:06 GMT

Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

A Final Detour

Routes 132-134

Three Routes that are essentially one very long sea route.

Recommended Levels: 45-56

Wild Pokémon Encounters

Nothing new if you’ve been to previous sea routes.

Local Trainers Pokémon

Route 132

Name Money Party
Swimmer Cheryl 608 Luvdisc Lv. 36, Pelipper Lv. 38
Swimmer Gilbert 592 Tentacruel Lv. 37, Sharpedo Lv. 37
Black Belt Kiyo 1,280 Machoke Lv. 40
Fisherman Ronald 1,152 Gyarados Lv. 36, Gyarados Lv. 36, Gyarados Lv. 36

Route 133

Name Money Party
Fisherman River 1,248 Seadra Lv. 39
Bird Keeper Beck 1,560 Skarmory Lv. 39
Ace Trainer Warren 2,280 Lairon Lv. 38, Manectric Lv. 38, Alakazam Lv. 38
Backpacker Grayson 936 Girafarig Lv. 39
Swimmer Debra 624 Corsola Lv. 39
Swimmer Franklin 576 Whiscash Lv. 38, Seadra Lv. 36
Swimmer Linda 592 Pelipper Lv. 37, Seaking Lv. 37

Route 134

Name Money Party
Swimmer Jack 608 Staryu Lv. 36, Sharpedo Lv. 38
Swimmer Laurel 576 Luvdisc Lv. 36, Luvdisc Lv. 36, Luvdisc Lv. 36
Black Belt Hitoshi 1,248 Machoke Lv. 37, Heracross Lv. 39
Dragon Tamer Aaron 2,340 Shelgon Lv. 39, Kingdra Lv. 39
Ace Trainer Elaine 2,400 Lairon Lv. 38, Tropius Lv. 40

Route 132

Because of the strong currents, multiple visits are required to see everything here.

This is going to be a headache. These kinds of current-filled areas are difficult to traverse.

When you begin, go to the north side of the Route and use the northernmost of the westbound currents, which will run into some northbound ones. Follow the path after disembarking to a Swimmer. Go south of him and into the easternmost southbound currents, then get the Protein on the island.

On the next island to the south, you can battle a Black Belt. You can see how this island is in a bit of a "TM34 (Sludge Wave). Surf west from this island now.

Route 133

When the currents let you go, go northwest onto the island for a Max Revive . Now, north of this island are some westbound currents. Jump into them and, in the calm waters, land near the Fisherman. Get the Calcium and battle him.

Next, Fly to Route 133; this will take you back to the starting island. Then and Surf straight west from it. Battle the Bird Keeper you meet as well as an Ace Trainer and Backpacker to the west. Surf west from this island to a shallow-water island.

If you Surf west from the shallow-water island, you can reach the entrance to the Sealed Chamber . This area will be covered in the next page. However, we’ll assume you wish to explore the rest of these Routes first.

Surf on the water to the shallow-water island’s north and you’ll be driven into an area of calm water. Nearby will be a sandy island with an item on it; Surf around to the northeast of said island to find that this item is TM80 (Rock Slide). Now, Fly to Route 132.

Route 132

Here, do what you did before to get to the Swimmer earlier, the first one you battled here. This time from him, go west and into the northernmost westbound currents. Follow this to a calm area, then follow that path to some more currents that take you onto Route 133.

Route 133

Psych Up is a nice tool for cunning players, but not too useful in the main story.

Battle the people on this island, then Surf on the water north of the island. Keep Surfing west in the currents until you can see a person nearby. Make landfall and speak with the more-than-a-little-bit-okay-probably-a-lot-crazy Psychic here to obtain TM77 (Psych Up), then grab the Star Piece to the southwest.

Surf west from the northern parts of this island to Route 134.

Route 134

When you land, continue Surfing into the calm area to the west. Battle several people you’ll find there, then Surf west from the southern portions of the area to an island chain. Head southeast along it to find some Carbos and then further along a Black Belt to fight.

Also use the Dowsing Machine around his walking trail to find a Heart Scale and another Heart Scale near it. Surf on the water south of the chain of islands to find a Dragon Tamer to fight on the next island.

And so, it seems, you’re finally done.

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