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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 30-03-2020 / 10:29 GMT

Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Dynamo Badge

Mauville City

Mauville City has received a major revamp since the Ruby/Sapphire days.

Recommended Levels: 19-22

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Youngster Cutler 272 Slugma Lv. 17
Schoolkid Nitzel 340 Oddish Lv. 17
Youngster Ham 272 Taillow Lv. 17
Schoolkid Meena 340 Goldeen Lv. 17
Fairytale Girl Meggie 272 Jigglypuff Lv. 17
Proprietor Inver 1,600 Bagon Lv. 20, Lombre Lv. 20, Cacnea Lv. 20
Pokémon Trainer Wally 680 Ralts Lv. 17

Note: There are a ton of shops and vendors here so be sure to check them all out.

We’ll be opening this section with a bit of exploration. If you want to skip this - though we strongly recommend against it, especially if you brought over a number of Black/White Event Pokémon and other legendaries - go to the next 1F section.

Mauville City - 1F

Wow… Go north and you’ll find Wally speaking with his uncle. As he goes off to the Gym, go north. In this area, you’ll find the Pokémon Center and Poké Mart. Peruse at will.

Speak with the man, Giddy, in the Center to get the Speed O-Power . Continue on for the Critical O-Power . Additionally, the Backpacker in the southeastern courtyard will give you a Globe for your bases.

As for the Poké Mart, the girl in the northeast corner, if you say you like roller coasters, will give you TM58 (Sky Drop). Perhaps as a note of irony, given its exceptionally glitchy nature in Pokémon Black/White to the point that it was banned from online battling outright.

A food court where you must battle for a seat? We've seen everything now.

From the entrance, go northeast and into the Battle Food Court. Here, you can engage in battles with people as you wait for some food; order it at the open counter, and then sit and wait. After 5 turns (which is up to 5 battles) you’ll get food, assuming you kept your seat.

You’ll also earn a Nugget each time you do this, which can be sold for a nice $5,000; you also end up with some kind of Berry, and the food will heal your Pokémon.

The next facilty around the corner from here will be the Song and Sword Move Academy. We presume it lets you teach Keldeo the move Secret Sword and Meloetta the move Relic Song.

These two Pokémon were Nintendo Event Pokémon given out during the Black/White era and these moves served for a change in Forme. The actual guy isn’t here, though; he’s in the Crooner Cafe, shown later.

Next up will be the Pledge moves. These moves by themselves are pretty weak, but can be considerably useful in Double/Triple Battles. However, these battles are rather rare for the main game, so we wouldn’t bother unless you need to fill a moveslot.

These moves can be learned by all of the true starter Pokémon and their evolutions from all six generations of Pokémon games (Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova/Kalos). This obviously includes the Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip lines.

The facility next door teaches the ultimate moves to each of the fully evolved starter Pokémon, from every generation. Water-types (eg. Swampert) learn Hydro Cannon ; Fire-types (eg. Blaziken) learn Blast Burn ; and Grass-types (eg. Sceptile) learn Frenzy Plant .

These moves are all very powerful, but they make the user recharge on the next turn; thus, they can be good in the main game if you have the Battle Style in the Settings switched to "Switch" as that will let you switch out just after use if the target does indeed faint.

Bicycles make travel faster, plus they open up new roads, literally.

At this four-way, go northeast and into the shop to find Rydel’s Bicycle shop. There, you can speak with Rydel nearby who will offer you one of two bikes: the Mach Bike (designed for speed) and the Acro Bike (designed for acrobatic-type tricks).

Pick whichever you want because you’ll need both to 100% the game anyway. You can switch them here at any time, though. You can also ride them in the mall!

Go north of the four-way. On the left first will be a place for Inverse Battles, Single Battles in which type resistances/weaknesses are reversed! Immunities and resistances become weaknesses, and weaknesses become resistances.

Try it out; it’s actually rather fun. You can speak with Inver on the north side of the room to engage in such a battle. You’ll get some kind of Berry for winning, though it varies.

The next facility is the Battle Institute. Much like in previous Pokémon games, this is a place to test your competitive - not in-game, but like online or VGC-style - battling prowess. As you enter, you’ll earn a Vs. Recorder . That’s it for here, though.

Keep in mind that you can come back when you beat the Champion and take a Battle Test; it will rank you on a sliding scale from 0 to 7,000 as to how good a Trainer you are.

The average Pokémon player may score about 2,000, and the average competitive player about 5,000-6,500 with relative ease. You’ll get BP for doing this, too, again on a sliding scale, and some kind of randomized item.

For the sake of navigational ease, return to the southern entrance. There is a bike parking area nearby; behind the big yellow sign near it is an X Speed . Now, go around counterclockwise. Once you reach a facility, it will be the Crooner’s Cafe.

The man nearest the entrance here is the man who works at the Meloetta/Keldeo tutoring place. Speak with him when you have one of those Pokémon in your party and he will teach you the move right there.

If you speak with the woman at the counter, you’ll get TM48 (Round). Round is a Normal move best used in Double/Triple Battles as its power increases if multiple Pokémon use it on the same turn.

Sorry, no virtual gambling for you, but you can still have some prizes.

Next door is the Mauville Game Corner! Which is closed? Aww. You can speak with the owner outside and he’ll give you a Treecko Doll , a Torchic Doll, and a Mudkip Doll for your Secret Bases later on.

Going north from the intersection, next on the right is a specialty mirror store. This area is important with the Pokémon Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus, Pokémon originally native to the Unova region of the Black/White games.

Bring any one of these Pokémon here in your party to receive the Reveal Glass , an item which lets you switch these Pokémon between their normal Incarnate Formes and their true Therian Formes.

Next up after that is the Poké Mileage Center. This place is where you can trade PokéMiles for various prizes. PokéMiles are earned both as you walk around - though very slowly - and as you trade Pokémon - where the earnings are relative to the distance from you the person is, regionally.

Across from both of these is the Ritzy Ribbon Retail shop where you can can spend hundreds of thousands of Pokédollars on ribbons. They are inspired by the versions from the Sinnoh region games seven years ago.

Next up along the aisle is a reflexology shop where… your Pokémon get the massage, not you. In any case, the massage will boost your Pokémon’s Happiness; this is something mostly used for newer Pokémon as Pokémon you’ve gotten earlier likely have max Happiness now. She can only do this once a day.

Now head up the nearby stairs twice.

Mauville City - 3F

Nuggets unlock your Pokémon's true potential... after you sell them to buy better items.

Up here in the rooftop garden, there’s not much. If you go along the stone path around the south side, some random guy will waltz up to you and hand you a Nugget . Well. His loss. If you go to the east side, you can use the Dowsing Machine to find a Max Repel underneath the tower.

If you go to the northeast corner and a bit west, speaking with the girl there and confirming your love for Pokémon many times over will net you a Poké Toy . Further west from there is a man in a suit in the grass selling a Metronome for $1,000.

Metronome (not the move) is an item that boosts the power of moves when you continue using the same move, each time applying a cumulative 20% boost up until the move deals double damage. Finally, there’s also a Luxury Ball hidden under the western side’s tower.

Mauville City - 2F

If you used the northeastern staircase to get up to 3F, or didn’t, go back now. There is a man in this stairwell here waiting for Genesect; if you show him one that’s in your party, you’ll get the Burn Drive, Chill Drive, Shock Drive, and Douse Drive.

These items change the type of Genesect’s Techno Burst move to Fire, Ice, Electric, and Water, respectively, when held.

Mauville City - 1F

With all of that exploring done with, heal up in the Pokémon Center and go north from the central plaza, then west at the four-way to find Wally and his uncle. Time to battle! It’s actually not that challenging, it’s just against his Lv. 17 Ralts, nothing more than you’ve dealt with so far.

Afterwards, Wally gives up on trying to convince his uncle to let him into the Gym and begins to see you as his rival. But we’ve already got one of those. Anyway, Wally’s uncle will give you HM06 (Rock Smash) which will allow you to break rocks in the field once you get the Dynamo Badge.

Now, if you want, you can head straight into the Mauville City Gym. However, we’ll be skipping around a little, mostly to get everything around this point done first. First, we’ll deal with Route 117 on the way to Verdanturf. Go west from the main courtyard to get there.

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