Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Strategy Guide

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    Pokemon Company International
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    Nintendo 3DS
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    28 November 2014
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    28 March 2018
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    Vincent Lau

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Route 118 Concluded

Feel free to try out your new toys.

Recommended Levels: 30-40

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Bird Keeper Perry 1,160 Pelipper Lv. 29
Bird Keeper Chester 1,120 Swablu Lv. 26, Swellow Lv. 26
Delinquent Miley 896 Cacnea Lv. 26, Mightyena Lv. 26

You’re abruptly put back into the swing of things, it seems. Go north to the grass and then northwest. Cut down the trees there and grab the three sets of Sitrus Berries . Head off east and you’ll find a Bird Keeper to fight.

Go off to the east from there and through some short grass to find a Hyper Potion . Another Bird Keeper will be hidden in the grass to the south, and a Delinquent to the east. (Heh, she’s named Miley. I wonder if that’s a Miley Cyrus reference?) A bit to the east of there…