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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 20-09-2019 / 02:08 GMT

Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon Guide

7 months ago · Guide Information

Sidequest Directory

Melemele Sidequests

Description Reward Page(s)
Talk to the scientist in the Tourist Bureau after you have 10+ Pokédex entries. 10 Ultra Balls Hau'oli City (Part 1)
Show the beauty in the Pokémon Center Abra's Pokédex entry. 10,000 Poké Dollars Hau'oli City (Part 1)
Speak to the central receptionist in the Town Hall, then return the next day. Shell Bell Hau'oli City (Part 2)
Show the sightseer in the Pokémon Center Crabrawler's Pokédex entry. 3,000 Poké Dollars Route 2 (North)
Show the sightseer near the southern exit of Route 3 Sableye's Pokédex entry. 3,000 Poké Dollars Route 3 (South)
Find the letter in the bottle in Kala'e Bay, then speak to the woman in the south-western house in Iki Town. Stardust Seaward Cave, Hala's Grand Trial

After the Grand Trial

Description Reward Page(s)
Watch the Alola Ride Show in the Hau'oli City Shopping Mall (day) 5 Great Balls Sidequests - Ten Carat Hill
Clean the stage area in the Hau'oli City Shopping Mall (night) TM48 Round Sidequests - Ten Carat Hill
Battle the gentleman inside the Hau'oli City Town Hall. Nugget Sidequests - Ten Carat Hill
Repair the vending machine inside the Hau'oli City Ferry Terminal. Fresh Water Sidequests - Ten Carat Hill
Find the missing Meowth near the center of Route 2 (to the right of the motel). X Speed, X Attack, X Sp. Atk Sidequests - Trainer's School
Speak to the woman riding the Machamp in Hau'oli Cemetery TM56 Fling Sidequests - Trainer's School
Speak to the young boy in Big Wave Beach, then return to the Trainer's School at night to solve the seven mysteries. Wise Glasses Sidequests - Trainer's School
Speak to the young boy in Big Wave Beach after solving the seven mysteries. Hyper Potion Sidequests - Trainer's School


Description Reward Page(s)
After Episode RR, interact with Meowth in your house. PP Up Melemele Clean-up (Part 1)
Speak to Kukui at his lab after registering 30+ Pokémon in your Pokédex, then speak to him again. Lucky Egg and/or TM90 Substitute Melemele Clean-up (Part 1)
After Episode RR, speak to Lillie in Kukui's lab. Lillie as a Battle Tree partner. Melemele Clean-up (Part 1)
Check out the punching bag in Kukui's basement. Nothing Melemele Clean-up (Part 1)
Battle Hala near the entrance of Iki Town. Two of Decidium, Incinium and Primarium Z. Melemele Clean-up (Part 1)
Battle the principle of the Trainer's School. King's Rock Melemele Clean-up (Part 1)
Description Reward Page(s)
Find Ilima at his mansion in Hau'oli City and win against him. Idea for the Left-handed Battle Style, Everstone Melemele Clean-up (Part 2)
Speak to Ilima again and place his Normalium Z into the Verdant Cavern pedestal. Trial Guide Outfit Melemele Clean-up (Part 2)
Check out Guzma's room in the house on Route 2. TM87 Swagger Melemele Clean-up (Part 2)

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