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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon
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Author(s): Vincent Lau, Cassie Sun
First Published: 23-12-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 24-08-2019 / 05:36 GMT

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Sidequest Directory

Ula'ula Sidequests

Description Reward Page(s)
Show the collector in the Apparel Shop Minior's Pokédex entry. 10,000 Poké Dollars Malie City (Continued)
Follow the old man's described path outside the Community Center. 5 Max Repels Malie City (Continued)
Defeat the Team Skull Grunt in the Community Center's flea market. Chance to buy a Strange Souvenir Malie City (Continued)
Bring the Left Poké Ball from the Aether Foundation office in Heahea City to the pair to the west of Malie Library. Mental Herb Malie City (Continued)
Clear the Kantonian Gym, then return the next day to battle Ryuki. Dragon Scale Sidequests - Kantonian Gym
Defeat the father and son standing in front of the Recycling Plant. Twisted Spoon Outer Cape
Help the lady near the entrance find her eight missing Stufful. Muscle Band, 15,000 Poké Dollars Route 10
Description Reward Page(s)
After defeating Guzma, return to Malie Garden and conquer the Nugget Bridge. Big Nugget Back to Earth
After defeating Guzma, battle the lass along the way to the south-east corner of Malie Garden. 5 Net Balls Back to Earth
After defeating Guzma, return to the Charjabug puzzle room in Hokulani Observatory and clear all four puzzles. PP Max Back to Earth
Speak to the scientist inside the tourist center and return the next day. TM63 Embargo Blush Mountain
Find the letter in the bottle in Ula'ula Beach, then battle the rising star near the north-east corner of Malie City's Outer Cape. Pearl String Ula'ula Beach
Rescue the swimmer near the ruined platform in the sea. Destiny Knot Route 14
Ultra Sun only. Speak to the girl with the Sandygast towards the easternmost part of the beach. Stardust Route 14
After clearing the trial, return to the megamart at night and follow Mimikyu to the end. Mimikium Z Trial 6 - Abandoned Megamart
Description Reward Page(s)
Interact with the Stufful inside the Route 13 motel guest room, then find the hiker in the south-eastern corner of Haina Desert. Afterwards, return to the motel. 10 Fresh Waters Sidequests - Haina Desert
Show the fisherman with the Starmie along the north part of the route a Pokémon that knows Tickle. Comet Shard Back to Route 15
Ultra Moon only. Speak to the boy with the Sandygast near the north-west part of the route. Stardust Back to Route 15
Show the Aether Foundation employee inside the Pokémon Center Garchomp's Pokédex entry. 20,000 Poké Dollars Route 16
Defeat the Team Skull grunt causing trouble at the café. Moomoo Milk Route 16
After defeating Guzma, speak to the grunt in the corner of the swimming pool area (to the west of the Shady House). Full Restore Shady House

After the Grand Trial

Description Reward Page(s)
Speak to the young girl with the Mimikyu in the Malie City Pokémon Center. Reaper Cloth Sidequests - Ula'ula Island
During the night, interact with the Oranguru inside the Malie City Malasada Shop. TM21 Frustration, TM27 Return Sidequests - Ula'ula Island
Visit the Sushi High Roller in Malie City and choose the "Z-Kaiseki: Ronin Set". Can be repeatedly daily. 8 Heart Scales Sidequests - Ula'ula Island
Inside the Malie City Community Center, speak to the young boy in the flea market. Chance to buy a Shiny Stone or Dusk Stone Sidequests - Ula'ula Island
During the day, speak to the lass near the pagoda to the west of the rest area and answer her question. Air Balloon Sidequests - Ula'ula Island
Return to the Aether House on Route 15 and help tidy up the room. PP Up Sidequests - Ula'ula Island
Approach the office worker along the west side of Po Town and defeat him. He'll sell a Big Nugget daily. Chance to buy a Big Nugget Sidequests - Ula'ula Island


Description Reward Page(s)
Speak to Acerola in Malie City Library and solve the book riddle. Nothing Ula'ula Clean-up
Find the strange man in the desert and show him Solrock/Lunatone. Sun/Moon Stone Ula'ula Clean-up
Show Tapu Bulu to the reporter outside the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart. Grassy Seed Ula'ula Clean-up
After episode RR, speak to the Aether Foundation employees inside the Aether House. Porygon and Up-Grade Ula'ula Clean-up
After catching Zygarde in Resolution Cave, defeat Dexio at the Aether Foundation trailer on Route 16. Zygarde 10% Forme and Zygarde Cube (with 40 Zygarde Cells) Ula'ula Clean-up
Visit Nanu at the police station on Route 17. Nothing Ula'ula Clean-up
Visit the Team Skull Grunts inside the Po Town Pokémon Center. Chance to buy a Skull Tank and Cap Ula'ula Clean-up
Challenge the trainer outside the Mount Lanakila Pokémon Center after defeating all the boss trainers in Alola. Life Orb Ula'ula Clean-up

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